In Which I am Interviewed by Michael Hyatt

In Which I am Interviewed by Michael Hyatt Instead of posting here today, I’m sending you to another blog. Michael Hyatt interviewed me via Skype and the video is up on his blog today. Visit Michael Hyatt’s blog by clicking here. In the interview, Michael and I discussed advice for new authors looking for an agent, common mistakes new authors make in approaching agents, the importance of  a formal book proposal, why authors should still consider publishing with a traditional publisher… and more. Drop by and tell him I sent...
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Vlogging, Anyone?

Vlogging, Anyone? Guest Blogger: Jennifer Wilkov Society loves moving pictures. Movies and television have been around for a long time, but then along came the Internet—and YouTube is right up there with Google and Facebook as the most visited websites in the world. Vlogging, or video blogging, is a great way for you as an author to engage in a more personal way with the visitors of your blog from the comfort of your computer. Videos help to bring the reader, other writers, and the industry to you. It’s a great way to let them get to know you. Videos can help boost your career, as agents and editors can see you speaking live on your blog when they’re deciding if they want to take you on. If you’re being considered to speak at industry events and conferences, your vlogs give a quick sample...
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