What is High Concept?

What is High Concept? Recently I asked my followers on Facebook what question I should answer in my next “vlog,” and the overwhelming response was “What is High Concept?” Here’s my three-minute response,with a written recap below. High concept is primarily a term used in pitching movies but these days, we find it a helpful shorthand to describe a certain kind of book. When an agent says they want high concept, they’re looking for an idea that can be captured in just a title and a brief, pithy tagline—and from that brief description, will immediately attract interest. A high-concept pitch has inherent appeal – just from the one line description. The idea itself has immediate sizzle when someone hears it. Some genres almost have to be high concept to sell –such as...
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Why Agents Don’t Give Reasons with Rejections

Why Agents Don’t Give Reasons with Rejections “Two Minute Tutorials” Ohmygosh! Another video! And guess what. I decided to name my video series “Two Minute Tutorials” and wouldn’t you know, today’s video is 3 minutes. C’est la vie, as they say. So this installment of “Two Three Minute Tutorials” answers the question, “Why Don’t Agents Give Reasons with their Rejections?” (I’m trying to get better at this vlogging thing… give me some time. I promise I’ll get better with practice!) Here’s a recap: 1. We get a LOT of queries and it takes quite a bit of time to go through them. 2. Brief explanations of the reason for a query rejection don’t tend to be helpful, and often bring up more questions than answers. 3. You may think it...
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Advances: How Can I Find Who Got What?

Advances: How Can I Find Who Got What? Today I debut my video blogging. Please go easy on me – I’ve never done this before! I decided that in my video blogs I’ll answer questions readers have sent me via email, Twitter, my Facebook page, or the blog. So if you have a question you want me to answer in a video, send it along one way or another. Today’s question: “Where can I find information on actual advances writers have received for books?” The writer noted that the Publishers Marketplace gives a ballpark advance – such as below fifty thousand dollars, or between fifty and one hundred thousand dollars. But they want to know specific advances. Here’s my answer via video, and the same answer appears written out below. My answer: Publishers don’t give out this information, so the only way...
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