Writing a Synopsis, Pt. 2

by Gordon Carroll Yesterday we started discussing how to write a synopsis. Today we’re continuing with how to write the Simple 1-Page Synopsis. Up to this point we’ve had to scrunch and delete and throw away and purge until bare bones were all that remained of our once great tale. But now…now we can play a little. However, use caution. A single page seems like a lot compared to a single line or a single paragraph, but it really isn’t compared to an entire novel. Brevity is still the key. And it’s your time to shine. By the way, more and more editors seem to want this brief one-page synopsis in your proposal these days. Any longer and they may not read it. So it’s worthwhile to learn to fit your story into this format. Let’s look at what we will need here: → What is...
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Writing a Synopsis, Pt. 1

Writing a synopsis for your book can be one of the hardest things you ever attempt! People are always asking me how to do this, so today I’m deferring to my client Gordon Carroll, who has written a helpful article on writing the pitch sentence, the paragraph, and the one-page synopsis. I’ve divided it into two parts for today and tomorrow. So take it away, Gordon. Okay, I’ve finally found something more horrible than having to write query letters. WRITING A SYNOPSIS! Argh! I’ve sat in the audience of several agent and editor panels and they make this sound so easy. I find it not to be so. It’s hard. About as distant from the free flowing joy of writing fiction as you can get. Still, it’s the way it is, and if we want to be famous, rich authors with published...
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