The Importance of a Mentor

The Importance of a Mentor Book Giveaway Today! Guest Blogger: Ken Gire I didn’t write my first book until I was 30, perilously late for someone with no training. I had taken only one creative writing course in college (at age 20) and dropped it halfway through the semester, mainly because each class consisted of students reading their work aloud, with other students commenting on it. That was it. We were encouraged to express ourselves, but we were never taught how. I think if I had been given some guidance back then, it could have saved me ten years. I didn’t do any creative writing again until I was 30. It was a book for young adults, titled Treasure in an Oatmeal Box. When I finished the book, it was like finding a missing piece to the puzzle of who I was. And I set my course on the precariously uncertain...
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