How to Get Published

How to Get Published I get emails every day asking for advice on getting published or getting an agent. This is the post for people needing an entry-level introduction to publishing.   Dear Writer,   Congratulations on your decision to pursue publication. Before approaching literary agents, you’ll need to create the appropriate materials:   → If you’re a non-fiction writer, you’ll need a full professional book proposal, with three sample chapters (this must include the FIRST chapter). (See How To Write a Book Proposal)   → If you’re writing fiction, your manuscript must be complete, edited and polished; you also need a one-sentence hook and a one-paragraph pitch.   → Do you need to know How to Find a Literary Agent?   → A great title is an...
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The Publishing Information You Need!

The Publishing Information You Need! Every couple of months I’m re-posting this helpful guide to finding what you need. Have you seen my DEFINITIVE post on How To Get Published? Have you ever wondered what you should say if an agent calls to offer representation? A great title is an important aspect of attracting an agent’s or editor’s attention. Here’s how to create a perfect title for your book. Did you know I have a list of qualified freelance editors on my website? By the way, all those pages can be accessed in “Popular Posts” both on the sidebar and in the tab at the very top. Would you like to follow more agent blogs? I have an agent blogroll. Want to check out Mary DeMuth’s e-books on writing book proposals? You can find those under the “Resources for Writers” tab. I get emails...
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