2012 Releases: January – April

2012 Releases: January – April Here are the books my clients have released in the first four months of 2012. (Lots more coming in May!) Man on the Run: Helping Hyper-Hobbied Men Recognize the Best Things in Life by Zeke Pipher (Howard/Simon & Schuster) Publishers Weekly: Both an outdoorsman and writer as well as pastor of the Heartland Evangelical Free Church in Nebraska, Pipher notes, “As a pastor, I spend several hours a week counseling pursuit-driven, ambitious men” in need of strategies to form healthy relationships. Reflecting on a period when he had 34 hobbies, Pipher observes that while many “hyper-hobbied” men are motivated by a desire for adventure, a need for challenge, and an inability to suffer a dull moment, a surfeit of activity leads these men to neglect those who are close to them. He...
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Next Stop: Hollywood

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5cLmD8GqnKY/SxKl0WT8xZI/AAAAAAAADQs/t4_NachNkRI/s200/Marriage+Project+cover.jpg by Kathi Lipp, Guest Blogger Back in July, I got an email from a woman named Danielle who said she was a producer and was interested in optioning dramatic rights to my first book The Husband Project and possibly making it into a film. Uh-huh. Right. And I bet you want me to do a wire transfer to recover a prince’s fortune in Zimbabwe (and I will double my money at the same time!) Those kinds of things only happen to other people. You and I know enough to realize that non-fiction books don’t get made into movies, and I’m smart enough to know that those kinds of things don’t happen to me. You and I know there are a lot of people who talk big about what they can do for you and your book. That’s why Rachelle and I turned them down. Twice. But, after I signed contracts last...
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Fat Chance: 16 Months from Query to Bookstore

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_5cLmD8GqnKY/SYJMVaMNgqI/AAAAAAAACow/yCBwlDsqNt0/s200/Julie.jpg A little over a year ago I was in the middle of an exciting auction (the first I conducted as an agent) for a book by Julie Hadden, the 1st runner up on Season 4 of “The Biggest Loser.” I’m excited that the book, Fat Chance, released this week. I wanted to give you a little background on how I became involved with this book. Each project has its own journey, and with this one, there was a lot of synchronicity involved, or should I say serendipity? Others will call it a “God thing.” Here’s how it happened. In late 2007, I was looking for a good TV show I could watch with my kids. We enjoy shows like Amazing Race and American Idol, where we can watch people overcome challenges, and root for our favorites week by week. I decided on The Biggest Loser....
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