Is There a Christian Market for Books?

Is There a Christian Market for Books? Dear Rachelle, Quick question – is there a Christian market for books? A member of our writing group reacted poorly when I mentioned my WIP may be more appropriate for the Christian market than women’s fiction. A heated “God does not sell” debate ensued, followed by a rousing chorus of “Every Bestseller Needs Sex or Vampires.” (We are an eclectic bunch.) Lots of misconceptions out there – hoping you can help me provide some clarity, at least to our tiny group. Sincerely, Wondering if God Sells * * * Dear Wondering, God does indeed sell. I don’t blame your group for not knowing the Christian publishing world exists. But really, it’s kind of like assuming that because you know nothing about NASCAR, it must not exist. *facepalm* Yes, there’s a thriving...
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God Told Me to Write This Post

People always ask me about the clichés we hear in queries, and last week someone asked me what makes my eyes glaze over in a pitch. Here it is, hands-down: “God told me to write this.” And let’s not forget its many variations. God laid it on my heart. God gave me this idea. God has called me to write this book. I call it playing the God card and frankly, it doesn’t impress me. Now don’t jump to conclusions and vow (once again) to stop reading my blog forever. I’m not a heretic, but I may be constitutionally incapable of conveying my thoughts on this without the snark factor. Because you see, when you say “God told me to write this” the instant reaction (usually unspoken, thankfully) of most editors and agents is, “Yes, but God...
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