Why Your Novel Characters Need Real Flaws

Why Your Novel Characters Need Real Flaws Guest blogger: Rosslyn Elliott Wouldn’t it be great if all my flaws were minor? But they’re not. And neither are anyone else’s. As C.S. Lewis writes in The Screwtape Letters, even our greatest strengths are likely to become weaknesses under some circumstances. The same strong will and resourcefulness that helped Scarlett O’Hara survive the Civil War also made her a conniving homewrecker. But we all know Scarlett O’Hara’s name, even though thousands of historical romance heroines have faded into oblivion. We remember Scarlett because Margaret Mitchell did a brilliant job of creating her heroine to walk the edge of likability. Scarlett’s flaws are all too real, and that means there are parts of Gone with the Wind in which we do not like her. What is a real character...
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