Are Writers Ever Insecure? Nah!

writer-frustratedI’m blogging at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:

I frequently field phone calls from clients who are going through a rough patch in their frame of mind. It turns out being a contracted and published author doesn’t automatically fill you with self-confidence and unending affection for your own work. Who knew?

The reality is that the publishing journey is fraught with emotional land mines—dealing with the editorial process, reading your reviews, settling on just the right idea for that next book—that can make you feel insecure and like a fraud.

I can’t write! I have everyone fooled. I am an imposter. What made me think I could call myself a writer?

his, of course, is normal. If all goes well, you will have some moments of loving your work-in-progress and you’ll appreciate your newly published books when they land on your front porch in that UPS box. You’ll even continue to enjoy the process of writing. But you’ll probably also have moments when you’re sure that everything you’ve written is garbage and you’re terrified you’re going to be found out.

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