Words Move Me – Sony Reader Giveaway!

What moves you?

You probably know that words move me. I love reading. I love discovering new worlds and new people in books. I love losing myself in a story. And I really love sharing my discoveries with others.

So I’m excited about a new website created by Sony called, appropriately, Words Move Me. On this site, readers post a thought about a book they enjoyed, or a quote from the book, along with tags that describe the emotion of that particular literary moment.

Of course, not only am I a fan of words, I also love electronic readers. So I’m excited to be part of a promotion for Sony, in which I’m holding a contest for someone to win a Sony Reader Pocket Edition valued at $199.99. Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s how to enter:

→ Go to WordsMoveMe.com and register. (It says on the site: “Don’t worry! Registering for wordsmoveme.com is quick and simple. It’s not like you have to write a book.”)

→ After you’ve registered, click on “submit words that move you” and enter either a quote or a brief thought about a book that moved you. Be sure to enter the title and author in the appropriate boxes.

→ Here’s the CRUCIAL part. In one of the boxes for “tags” you must put GardnerBlog (no quotation marks) – this is the way I’ll find your entry. (You can’t edit your entry once you’ve posted it, so don’t forget the tag.)

→ Click “submit” and you’re ALMOST done!

→ Come back here and leave a comment to let me know you’ve entered the contest.

Stuff you need to know:

→ Contest is open to everyone on earth. Unfortunately I will not be able to ship to other planets.

→ I will choose ONE grand-prize winner to receive the Sony Reader Pocket Edition. The winner will be the entry that most moves me and makes me want to read the book you’ve posted… and so you’ll know I’m serious about this, I will commit to reading that book.

→ I will also choose TWO runners-up, for which the prize will be an evalution of 20 pages of your work (either a book proposal or the first 20 pages of your book), courtesy of moi.

→ As I’m reading your entries on the Words Move Me website, I will not be able to see your names. I’ll choose the winners without knowing who submitted them. Therefore, contest is open to all R&R blog readers including WordServe clients. However the contest is NOT open to my parents, cousins, siblings, children or any other kin, near or far. (Of course, not a single person who’s actually related to me reads this blog so it’s kind of a moot point.)

→ The contest is now in effect and will continue until 11:59 pm MST on Friday, December 11th. No entries will be accepted after that point.

→ Winners will be posted on this blog on Monday, December 14th. IF the winner is in North America, I will do my level best to get the Sony Reader Pocket Edition to you before Christmas. No promises for other locations on the globe.

→ You can post as many times as you want on Words Move Me, but you may only enter this contest a maximum of THREE times. That means you can only use the GardnerBlog tag three times.

→ No purchase necessary to enter or win. Odds of winning are not increased by a purchase.

Full disclosure: I was contacted by representatives of Sony who solicited my involvement in this promotion, and I’ve been given two Sony Reader Pocket Editions, one to give away on the blog and another for my personal use.

Below is a widget that shows some of my own entries on Words Move Me. If you move your cursor over it, you can scroll through them. Once you’ve registered at WordsMoveMe, you can click on THIS LINK to see my profile and some of my favorite lines from books.

Any questions, leave them in the comments. Let’s have some fun with this!

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  • camelama

    >I couldn't pass this up! I'd so LOVE to try one of the readers, but being unemployed means no money to spend on book in any form. (Helloooo, public library!)

    I submitted three entries, and this was so timely because I am ecstatic over finding that an out-of-print children's book I LOVE has just been re-printed for its 40th anniversary! Huzzah!

  • Sherri Woodbridge

    >Hi Rachelle –
    First – love your new photo –
    Second – entered the 'wordsmoveme.com' contest.

    Have a great week!

  • Ian

    >Thanks for the heads up on the WordsMoveMe site, I just spent an hour reading the quotes!
    I entered the contest too (Scribble).

  • Asea

    >I feel slightly embarrassed that I am delurking to enter a contest, but that's part of what contests are for, right?

    I have entered.

    This was a very interesting exercise. 255 characters are not many at all, and so many of the moments in books that most move me are the climax of long buildup and lose their magic when only one or two sentences are given. I had never consciously realized this before; it is something to carefully think about when editing my own work.

  • Elen Caldecott

    I've entered too!

  • M.B. Sandefur

    >I have also entered…lol. I can't pass up a great opportunity to get a prize! I really had to go over everything I have ever loved. I think I picked a classic. *fingers crossed*

    The website is awesome, btw…

  • Ali

    >Hi! Just enterd the contest.
    See you!!!

  • Rie

    >I entered! Man, would I love a reader!

  • Lisa

    >I entered too. I hope you enjoy the quotation.

  • ginny martyn

    >Best. Contest. Ever.

    I love this idea. I really want an e-reader for Christmas. In fact, I’ve been in negations with Santa and sincerely hope he will ignore my role in the Ponzi scheme.

    Entered 3 times.

  • kerry dexter

    >I've entered as well.

  • Empty Refrigerator

    >I've entered twice. Hoping to come in as a runner up! I'm still skeptical about readers — and a critique is much more valuable to me. :)

  • karencollum

    >I've entered as well (three entries) as I figured although Australia is about as far away from the US as another planet, I still qualify under the 'anywhere on Earth' rule :) Thanks for hosting the contest.

  • Phoenix

    >I'm a long (long) time lurker, de-lurking for this contest. That doesn't make me sound greedy, does it? Because I'm really —

    Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'm greedy! I'm covetous. I'm a bad, bad person. But … but … but it's an E-READER! Surely there are moral concessions made for such sweet and wonderful devices…

    Or for a fabulous critique. That's really almost as good! Has anyone told you yet these are the most PERFECT prizes possible? Someone get the smelling salts, quick!

  • Scott

    >Entered the contest. I mean, how can I pass up the potential prizes? Oh, and you had to offer not only a reader, but a critique? Talk about pressure to post a compelling post on 'words move me'. Pressure!!


  • A Writer

    >I have entered. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  • Marty Coleman

    >I entered! Does the person winning the reader get a critique too? It sounds almost as if it should be the Grand Prize.

  • Rachel

    >I just spent 24 minutes in a trance, reading all the other entries.

  • Jessica

    >This is too cool! I can't wait to see who wins and to go read others' entries. I entered too.

  • Mira

    >How fun! What a great contest.

    And what a cool idea – this is the best possible use of marketing by Sony – to increase the love of readership. Yay!

    Thanks for your honest full disclosure. :) And I'm so sorry that no one in your family reads your blog….that's pretty funny, actually.

    Well, they don't know what they're missing. :)

  • Heather

    >Great contest! I entered…although I might rather win the runner-up prize than the grand prize (unless the grand prize includes a critique, too, because an e-reader AND a critique would be just amazing.)

  • Matilda McCloud

    >I can't resist a contest, so yes, I entered!

  • Liana Brooks

    >I'm entered. I'm not so sure about these e-reader things, but I'm willing to give it a try if it's free :o)

  • Marla Taviano

    >I'm in! That was fun!

  • Karen

    >I entered the contest and had a ball reading the quotes on the page. What a great way to discover some new reads! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Minnie

    >Great contest! I've entered.

  • Jerry Stewart

    >I entered the contest and I really enjoy reading what others have to say about the books that have moved them. It's a great new site. Thanks for the contest and the heads up on what should be a favorite site of mine.

  • Annette Lyon

    >Did it! What a great idea for a contest.

  • Kathleen A. Ryan

    >I'm in! Thanks for letting us know about this site and for hosting this contest, Rachelle!

  • csyusten

    >I put in my three entries! I would love to have a Sony Reader! Thanks!

  • Maureen

    >I have entered. Thank you.

  • MBee

    >Thanks for the heads up on the contest! I've done a submission (and will probably do more) but the one I've done is strictly a quote from a short story in an anthology of Russian work I had to read for a class. It struck me as I read it and have used it as a signature quote in many online forums since then.
    Thanks again! It's a great site I plan to look into more in depth!

  • Lea Ann McCombs

    >How fun! Talking about words that move us is almost like eating a box of chocolates!

  • Annie McMahon

    >Great contest! I entered, and spent some time reading other people's quotes. Words are powerful, aren't they? :)

  • wes

    >Cool site. I like the contest idea. I entered.

  • Ben

    >Very cool contest. While it doesn't give an idea of what the book is about, I entered by quoting a description from the book. The words are so beautiful and representative of the poetic nature of the book that it seemed appropriate. With more space I would have delved into the thematic ideas that I loved as well.

  • Lynnda – Passionate for the Glory of God

    >Good morning, Rachelle;

    What a fun way to start the week. I entered your contest and enjoyed viewing the new site.

    Be blessed,


  • Jen

    >I entered and surprised myself with the book I chose. Thanks for this opportunity, Rachelle!

  • XDPaul

    >So many moments ran through my mind. Thank you for pointing out this site.

    Was it the haunted, empty landscape of a dead winter in The Secret History? The brutal fistfight in paradise between Ransom and the Unman Weston in Perelandra? The grim judgment of the Misfit in A Good Man is Hard to Find? The shocking answer to the Witch-King of Angmar prophecy in the Return of the King? The far-out solution to The Westing Game? The riddle of Demon: A Memoir's publication history? The shocking joy of Dante's Paradise? Dido's death anthem in the Aeneid?

    What a lovely, lovely idea. Thanks again for pointing it out.

  • Livia

    >This was a great excuse to revisit my favorite literary moments. Thank you.

  • baileythebookworm

    >I've entered. What an awesome contest!! Thanks for hosting it!

  • Autore

    >I entered, a quote from the Old Man and the Sea.

  • sherrah

    >Hi! I've entered the contest!

  • james

    >Hi, I entered the contest, thanks

  • Julie Weathers

    >I messed up the first one and didn't leave your tag. Rats. It was my favorite quote.

    Thanks for doing this. I want one of these or a dozen so much.

  • Heather Lane

    >Hi! Thanks Rachelle. I entered. I could only find one quote that I felt I could tailor to the space requirement. I'm going to keep looking, though!

  • Arabella

    >Oh, yes, of course I entered.

  • Eisley Jacobs

    >Well, I would love a Sony Reader… so I gave it my best shot. I used three quotes from my WIP. But it's not a genre you read, so if I win, you don't HAVE to read it 😉 It is an in progress MS… Have to find the right true stories to base it all on.

  • Mit

    >I entered. I am lazy. So I only entered one quote.

  • Beth K. Vogt

    >Hadn't heard of this site, Rachelle–but I think I'm going to fall in love with it! I entered a couple favorite quotes–now it's back to the writing world for me!

  • Elle Strauss

    >Thanks for running this contest. Who wouldn't love to win a Sony Reader?

  • DrkCherry

    >Crazily enough I was already registered with them, even though I've never seen the site before.

    The author I chose is ridiculously hilarious, and her characters are all insane.

  • momishome2

    >I have entered the contest. Is this 2 contests in as many weeks? Very cool & very generous! THANK YOU! Of course, I had to leave 3 entries. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be the grand prize winner or a runner-up.
    ~ Bethany L.

  • Journey to the One

    >I entered! Thank you for the opportunity. Francis Chan is among one of my favorites. 3 is a charm!

    Thanks again!

  • Alisa

    >Oooh! What a neat idea. I love it! I just posted my three, though I just might have to go back later and add more without the GardnerBlog tag. So much fun. And thanks for all the giveaways!

  • V

    >I've entered the contest. my handle there is lecuyerv.

  • Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side

    >Great site! Great contest! I submitted three. :)

  • Emily

    >I also entered!

  • timdibulator

    >I have entered the contest!

  • Dara

    >I entered! Definitely couldn't pass entering this contest :) And I love that site! :)

  • ScarletSoccerMommy

    >I had SO much fun just entering this contest—thanks so much for the chance to play to win! Just playing made me smile today and reminded me of how much I love the works I chose. I entered three times under muffintopmommy. Thank you!

  • Kate Thompson

    >I just entered the contest and will probably enter twice more. I'm also forwarding your contest to other writer friends and family. It's a cool contest — thanks, Rachelle.

  • D. Speed

    >So many times I have read things and thought, "I wish I could post this quote somewhere so other people can marvel at this thought, emotion etc." Finally, I was able to choose one! I have entered this contest, if only to have somewhere to share a thought-provoking quote.

  • Shmologna

    >"Other planets." *snicker*

    I entered three books, glutton that I am.

  • sexualchivalry


  • JamieKate

    >I've entered! Thank you so much for doing such an awesome contest.

  • Liza

    >I have entered the contest by posting a quote.

    Thanks to you and Sony for the chance to win.

  • shayolivo

    >I entered! Thank you, and thank Sony too for the chance!

  • Andrea

    >What a cool prize to win!

    I entered at that web site.

    Thanks – Andrea

    andrealschultz at gmail dot com

  • Jared

    >Rachelle, I just entered for a chance to win a Reader.
    Thanks for all of your insightful posts. I've enjoyed reading them(as a hopefully, soon to be published author).

  • Margay

    >I posted! I think it's nice to stop and remember these things. Thanks for the opportunity!



  • MJ

    >I entered your contest with 3 quotes, but oh my goodness, 255 characters! One reason why I know I'll never have a twitter account. And none of the words I put in were my own! The first chopped quote was from a conversion scene of a character that was so poetic that I carried it around in my Bible when I was a teen, the other two just make me swoon, hope to make one of my male romantic leads say something so heady that someone like me has to work at chopping it down to 255 characters to share with others the words she could read over and over again and wished her husband would plagiarize the heck out of in his non-existent love letters. :)

  • Lynnette Bonner

    >Entered. :) Thanks for the chance to win! Either prize is awesome!

  • Just Jan

    >I'm entered! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    >I will share this contest with my students who are currently engrossed in ISU books of their own choosing (Grade 12).
    A very poignant book, Red Dog, Red
    Dog by Patrick Lane is a must read!
    Thank you for spreading the love of
    reading! D.M.

  • Davey

    >I'm in. Thanks, Rachelle.

  • Sarah N Fisk

    >I entered! Great contest and great marketing by Sony.

  • Janet Kay Jensen

    >I submitted 3 entries at the "Wordss Move Me" site. It was hard to decide which were my favorites! But enjoyable, too.

  • Larissa

    >I entered! So far just once, but I am still thinking…
    Thanks! :)

  • Author Sandra D. Bricker

    >I entered too!

  • Cheryl

    >I've entered, but I must say, their character limit isn't enough for the truly moving quotations.

  • Lela Fox

    >I certainly would like to enter this contest! You mentioned we might enter a book near and dear to us and I would like to tell you about Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts. That is one of the most precious books I have ever read! It is about a lady vet, Mattie Evans and Gil McCray a retired pro football player. She knows how much his father loves the ranch and the father,John, knows how much his son, Gil hates it. But when it all boils down to it, it is more about the death of his brother, I think that makes him think so little of his home as a boy. It is such a warm easy read and I definitely want to read the next book, Seeds of Summer. Please read it if u can. And, please enter me in this contest. lol Thank you!

  • Jessica

    >Lela, your comment made me smile. I'm pretty sure Rachelle sold that book? (someone whack me upside the head if I'm wrong, lol)
    What an amazing review you've given. :-) I hope Vogts sees your comment. It's wonderful.

  • Renee

    >What a great contest, Rachelle. I think I found a new future addiction.

    BTW I entered. :)

  • Falen

    It was hard to choose, and one of my favs was about 10 words too long so i had to cross that one off (sigh). Still i picked ones that moved me so i hope they move you as well.

  • Beth Coulton

    >All posted on Words that Move You- thanks!

  • Anonymous

    >Writers, Agents, Editors:

    Today is the last day to RSVP for @jimsissy's #holidaybash!

    Party with your contemporaries online, complete with white elephant presents!


    Will be brilliant fun — the event of the season! : )

  • T. Anne

    >Thanks Rachelle, I entered. I have never had so much fun with a contest!

  • NP

    >I've entered (as NPalmby)!

    What an amazing prize! Good luck to everyone!

  • ~Ellie Kings~

    >I'm usually on the sidelines, but this offer was too good to pass up. So yeah, I'm in! Thanks for thinking of us.

  • weeklyvista

    >I, too, couldn't pass this up, so thanks for offering.

  • JulieCJ Writes

    >I just left my 'entry' on Words That Move Me. Thank you for a great contest – and great prize.

    PLEASE, if my entry is the winning entry, I'd like to ask you to award the prize to @RileyCarney. She's the one who earned it, after all.

    Thanks again,
    Julie Jordan

  • Cristin

    >I've entered too. Thanks for doing this!

  • Tonya W

    >I've entered. Thanks!

  • Tonya W

    >(do we need to tell you if we entered more than once?)

  • Nathan

    >I made one entry, and plan to enter twice more to reach my limit. The idea of winning that reader was tantalizing as bait. I hope I win.

  • ginny martyn

    >I’m having the hardest time choosing three of my favorite quotes! Blerg!

  • Kristen Torres-Toro

    >Hey, Rachelle! I'm in times three! This is a cool contest. I'm just as excited about the chance for the 20 pages!

  • Kristen Torres-Toro

    >Hey, Rachelle! I'm in times three! This is a cool contest. I'm just as excited about the chance for the 20 pages!

  • Manjusri

    >I just entered. 3 entries, of course! Want that grand prize for Christmas!

  • satori

    >Me too, me too! I made full use of three literary moment entries and I am looking forward to the critique as well.

  • Rick

    >I just entered, but if I'm the winner, I'd rather pass on the reader and have my work critiqued! 😉


    Rick Boyne

  • macolady

    >I entered last night. Thanks for this fun contest!!

  • Nolan Bobbitt

    >Rachelle, I have entered and would love to win either prize!

  • Chris Morrow

    >Cool contest. Just entered.

  • summergirlms

    >I just entered!

  • summergirlms

    >But my entry is under AnneGBrown

  • Eric

    >I've entered my favorite first line of all time.

  • Anonymous

    >Rachelle, I've entered the contest. The reader is terrific, but then so is the second prize of your ctitique!

    Many blessings,
    Deborah Piccurelli

  • Anonymous

    >Entered the contest. Thank you – Tory Johnson

  • Scheherazade

    >Rachelle, I have entered your contest. Wonderful prizes. Thanks.

  • Mary Jo Glenn

    >Great contest. Thanks.
    I've entered. Would love to win the reader. Love books of all kinds.

  • Kasey

    >Entered the contest. It's a very unique idea and I'm looking forward to seeing what the results of it are.

  • The Voice

    >Hi, I've put in my two cents. At first I was afraid of even thinking about a favorite quote, glad I'm entered. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Shelby

    >I entered the contest!! What fun!

  • Donna McNiel

    >Amazing site! And, I just gave a pocket e-reader to my mom for her birthday. She loves it. I entered the contest, and hope others are moved by the words that move me!

  • Ken

    >Wow, a mutual friend introduced me to your blog just in time for this challenge; serendipity? I'm excited to see you have so many entries, and got so distracted reading them I almost forgot I meant to add my own—but add them I did. Have a great time choosing your winners!

  • Melissa Taylor

    >Fun site – thanks. I used a passage from one of my childhood favorites.

  • Lori Lundquist

    >I've entered too. Wow. You have quite a selection process ahead of you! But how fun, discovering the moving moments of others. I've had so many it was difficult to pick three. But also enjoyable to think about it. Thanks for the opportunity! Merry Christmas!

  • Stephanie Humphreys

    >You have a great blog. I love this contest. It really got me thinking about the words that have moved me. I entered the contest.

  • Stephen Isham

    >I just entered. Thanks for the contest. If nothing else it was fun making posts on the Words Move Me website.

  • Jil

    >I just entered "words that move me" and was inundated by memories of such sentences and paragraphs from so many books. It was nice to look some of them up and re-read them. I hope one of my sentences will one day move someone too.

  • Flowing Faith

    >I joined in the fun of the contest, too. I can't wait to read the winning quotes!

  • Beth

    Love the blog and the idea of the contest.

  • Cindy Kerschner

    >Hi Rachel,
    Just posted a quote from Jesus was a Liberal on the words move me site as writelane. I'm a firm believer in the more you read the more you grow.

  • Carol Benedict

    >I've entered the contest, too. Still trying to make up my mind on the third favorite, but the first two were easy.

  • Anonymous

    >In its brevity, poetry holds the power to truly move. Mary Oliver's "Snow Geese" is a poem like that. A well written poem is an epiphany.

  • Hadean Dragon

    >I've entered the contest as well (as "jasonboudreau") — and now that I've gone through a dozen books in my collection, I have this nagging feeling that I need to re-read them all. There goes the next few weekends…

    Though an upgrade to my wife's Kindle would be nice, I have to admit that an hour or two of your time seems like the better deal!

    Oh, and to everyone: There's some amazing quotes so far! Keep it up!

  • Kristen Joy Wilks

    >I submitted 2 entries as booboo

  • Anonymous

    >I submitted two entries as lpigeon, I look forward to reading the winning quotes

  • Anonymous

    >I submitted two entries as lpigeon, I look forward to reading the winning quotes

  • Anonymous

    >I wanna win the thingy.

  • Anonymous

    >I wanna win the thingy.

  • Anonymous

    >I wanna win the thingy.

  • Solveig

    >This was fun. I hope I win the reader, but I did it primarily for the experience as I'm not internet savy. I need to become comfortable with various activities. (Of course, winning the reader would improve my skills when dealing with any sort of technology!)

  • Cheryl

    >That's two more for me as Magpie_Lark.

    I really wish I had more of my books with me, instead of in storage. I'm sure I could have come up with more interesting choices.

  • Nancy Naigle

    >I entered! I really enjoyed Words Move Me … both sharing my own favorites and reading so many others.

    What a treat.

  • Steph Damore

    >Okay, I'm in. Thanks for the contest!

  • Monte

    >Thanks for sharing Words Move Me: its a great site for all book lovers!

  • princesmakalani

    >Thanks for the website! I entered the contest as sofiagrant.

  • jjshannon

    >I entered. Good luck everyone!

    (actual name Sharon M.)

  • ninidee

    >I entered. What a great site! Loved it.


  • L-Plate Author

    >Hi Rachelle, I entered three times. Thanks for the opportunity and it made me read the book again!

    Mel(anie) Sherratt

  • Cindy

    >Rachelle, what an amazing contest. Even those who don't enter should still check out the site. There are some awesome thoughts about wonderful books.

    I entered and would love to win an evaluation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kathryn Fox

    >What a great contest, and I just love the WordsMoveMe thing in general!

    I have entered, my username is KatFox. This was fun, thanks!

  • lauradroege

    >Forget the Sony reader: I'd love the evaluation more! :) I entered three times, Rachelle, and I hope I fulfilled the requirements. This is a great contest and I'm looking forward to reading the winning entries (and reading those books, too).

  • Rohi

    >I have entered three entries. what a fun contest! Good luck to everyone. Thanks Rachelle.

  • Mandy Walker

    >I entered! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • JenE

    >I entered, too!

  • emilymurdoch

    >I entered the contest, too. Thanks so much for the chance.

    Very fun, and a great site. : )

    Good luck to all of us!

  • Carla Gade

    >I entered! What a great contest. Thanks for doing this, Rachelle! Words That Move Me is awesome.

  • Shonna Slayton

    >I entered! What fun to look for good quotes.

  • iri2sh

    >Awesome contest. I am trying to win this for my wife. She so deserves this. She is beginning her schooling to become a writer, and this would be an invaluable tool for her. However, on a teacher's salary with three little ones, it's a little expensive. I entered three submissions. Thanks!

  • Ruth

    >What a great contest–and what great prizes! I submitted my entry on Words Move Me.

  • Kathleen MacIver

    >I entered the line that always makes me think, "wow!" in my favorite series. I'm sure there are more I could enter, but this one really stands out. I hope it piques your interest to read the book, even if I don't win. :-)

  • paul

    >This contest also pulled me out lurking status. I think I made it in just under the deadline. I used something from a book I first read many years ago and this title remains one of my favorites.

  • Kimberlee Conway Ireton

    >What a cool site WordsMoveMe is! Like a commonplace book that anyone can read. Thanks for introducing me to it.

    I left a quote from one of my favorite books. I look forward to hearing which excerpts move you.

  • Ellen B

    >Rachelle, I forgot to post here that I'd entered, but I entered.

    If that takes me out of the running, okay, I only have myself to blame :)

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