guide to literary agents 2016Chuck Sambuchino and the Writers Digest team have chosen the three winners of the Worst Storyline Ever Contest 2.0.

Here are the winners, and their winning Worst Storylines. Drum roll please…


Linda Hofke

After his wife leaves him, an old, bald, former 80s rock star goes on a quest to reunite with his first love— his hair–but is he brave enough to endure a hair transplant or must he settle for a cheap wig in order to sport those big, long locks once again?

Jennifer Ruth Jackson

Karl wants nothing more than to watch the kitchen linoleum curl all summer long but, when his wife insists on doing a time-lapse project of the event, Karl’s “me time” becomes a forced “we time” he soon resents.

Lyndsay Johnson

When a family intervention forces hemophobic vampire Bartholomew into a job at a blood bank to face his fears, he is soon enlisted by coworker, Estella, to drain the vault and make a run for it—awakening Bart to a whole new world of adventure and black market blood lust, with a girl he discovers is just his type.

Congrats to the winners!



  1. Foul! All three winners were written by women about loser males (just so you know someone’s watching).

  2. Linda Hofke says:

    thank you! I always enjoy entering this contest. It is fun thinking of silly storylines and the word restrictions make it a good exercise in writing concise pitches.

    Congrats to Lyndsay and Jennifer!

    And for those just tuning in to this contest, you really should go to the original posting to read ALL the entries. There is some very funny stuff.

  3. Mark Murata says:

    Lyndsay Johnson’s is very punny.

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