Win Agents and Influence Editors

yayI’m giving a webinar TONIGHT with book marketing guru @ThomasUmstattd:

How to Win Agents and Influence Editors… at a Writers’ Conference.

Time is 8pm Eastern… cost is only $15.00 and you get approximately one million dollars worth of material. Okay, just kidding. But we think it’s at least a $100 value.

You get:

♦ The live webinar

♦ A recording of the webinar

♦ My upcoming e-book on preparing for writer’s conferences.

An amazing value! Click the link to sign up.

A few things we’ll cover…

  • What turns agents on, what turns them off and what makes them run away in terror.
  • How to avoid the classic mistakes that scream “amateur”.
  • The 5 things successful authors do before the conference to double their chance for success.
  • How to talk to an agent who’s already booked solid (without staking out the bathroom).
  • Tips, timelines, and goals not offered anywhere else.

As a sneak preview of the kind of practical, nuts-and-bolts material we will include… here is a bonus checklist:

10 Things to Bring to a Writers’ Conference

1. Concise and fascinating answers to questions like, “So, what do you write?” and “Tell me about yourself.”

2. Organized thoughts about the book(s) you’re pitching, so you can easily give a 1 or 2 minute pitch when asked.

3. One-sheets for each book you’re pitching—plenty of copies in case agents or editors want to keep them.

4. Business cards.

5. A printout of the first chapter of your novel (or a book proposal for non-fiction). You just need a few of copies since you will show them in meetings but probably won’t leave them with agents or editors.

6. A camera if that floats your boat.

7. A tote bag or brief case (not too big) to carry around your stuff, or simply a folder to hold your papers and keep you organized.

8. A professional-looking, business-casual wardrobe with comfortable shoes. A nicer outfit for the banquet Saturday night.

9. Personal goals for the conference… and an open mind so that you don’t miss opportunities and connections that come your way unexpectedly.

10. A big smile, since it’s the best way to forge connections with others and keep yourself relaxed.

Are you planning to attend any writers’ conferences this year? Which ones… or why not?


10 Things to Bring to a Writer’s Conference. Click to Tweet.

I’m excited to get one million dollars worth of information for $15 at this webinar! Click to Tweet.

The definitive webinar on writers’ conferences, TONIGHT, by @RachelleGardner & @ThomasUmstattd. Click to Tweet.

Win Agents and Influence Editors at Writers Conferences… a webinar. Click to Tweet.

Click HERE to sign up for tonight’s webinar.

  1. här says:

    Thanks a lot the other point is article. I be able to get that will kind of facts information. friend, and exactly. här

  2. Wendy Heuvel says:

    Thanks for a great webinar Rachelle! I learned a lot and am glad you offered us the opportunity! I hope you and Thomas will do more of these in the future!

  3. Walt Mussell says:

    Rachelle, I’ll be attending RWA Nationals this summer. (I live in the Atlanta area, where this year’s conference is being held.) I’ve attended RWA-type conferences before, but not Nationals. Do you have any extra suggestions for me that I should think about?

  4. Great tips.

    I also bring a copy of my registration confirmation. I once flew cross country to a major writer’s conference and when I arrived they didn’t have my name. Anywhere. I had signed up early and fortunately I printed out my registration email. That saved a lot of headaches.

  5. Elisa says:

    With an “ah-ha” moment over the weekend about the potential of going the traditional publishing route, this webinar comes at just the right time! Thanks!

  6. I’m coming to ACFW this fall and am STOKED!!! I really want to do your webinar tonight, my problem is I have ridiculously slow Internet (benefits of country living). Is it still a good idea to sign up and then take advantage by viewing the recording, or am I missing out if I don’t make the live webinar?

  7. Thanks for the tips, Rachelle. I’m attending the ACFW conference in September and so excited that my first ACFW conference will be right here in my city. Maybe that will keep some butterflies at bay?

  8. Sounds like a great webinar. My appointmenst run late tonight. Is the content available later?

  9. Perfect timing. I’m going to the ACW conference in OKC this weekend. Thanks!

  10. Timing is perfect — I head to the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference on Friday! (Hoping I’ve done at least a few of the 5 things that will double my success…or that they are do-able in 3 days!)

  11. Jeanne T says:

    I loved your ten tips. The webinar sounds great; I’m going to see about attending. I attended my first ACFW last fall, and I loved it! I met so many people I’d seen online, and I learned so much from workshops. I’m hoping to attend again this year. I have a few things to deconflict. If I don’t make it to ACFW, I’m thinking about attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference.

  12. I’ve gone to ACFW the past two years and loved every minute. However, it’s beyond the budget this year. I do hope to get to the Greater Philadelphia Conference. Looking forward to a new experience there.

  13. Julia says:

    This is going to be my third year attending the Writer’s Digest Conference. It’s always a ton of fun, but I could definitely use some tips for getting the most out of it. I can’t attend tonight–will there be any way to access the webinar at a later date?

  14. Kassie says:

    Dang it!
    1. I’ve made another commitment and will have to miss out on your webinar. Will you have the replay available?
    2.I have got to go to one of these conferences…sounds like something I’m really missing out on. I thought they were just about learning, didn’t know they were wrought with angst too 🙂

  15. All of that prep is fine until the overload from all the people, all the voices at the conference causes such high stress and sleep deprivation that I am barely functional. Maybe someone can address that.

  16. Roxanne Sherwood Gray says:

    Rachelle, If writers follow your suggestions, they’ll be so prepared for a writers conference. I wish I’d had all this info before attending my first ACFW conference. The webinar sounds great!

    Here’s a cautionary tale: A friend had all the business items on your list in a folder–and lost it. Though she looked everywhere, the folder never turned up. She’d memorized her pitch and obtained her dream agent, so she had a great conference. But it might be a good idea to keep a copy of everything in a separate place.

  17. Thanks, Rachelle! I signed up for the webinar. Thanks for this opportunity! I’m always looking for new ways to promote my work. I recently learned how to add tweetables to my blog posts as a result of reading your blog.

  18. I attended ACFW last year and I hope to attend this year. It was a wonderful conference and I had so much fun connecting with online friends and meeting with agents and editors. In my opinion, I had a great conference and it was due to being prepared. The best way to get the most out of your conference experience (and your financial investment) is to learn as much as possible before going. Your webinar sounds like a great way to do that!

  19. The advice is great!

    I’d love to attend a conference, but logistics make it a bit difficult – running a sanctuary for abandoned Pit Bulls is easy to start, but hard to get away from for even a few days!

    Maybe I could bring them with me, let them help distribute push cards?

    They can be VERY convincing.

    • DON’T bring Duke!!
      Actually, bring B and her violin AND her duet partner. Charm-o-rama!!! While they draw the crowd, you can slip one sheets to all kinds of people.

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