Welcome to 2012

Books & SuchGood morning and happy new year! I hope everyone had a good holiday season and I trust you’re ready for good things in 2012. (Either that, or preparing for the end of the world on December 21st.)

The new year brings a change for me. I’m continuing as a literary agent, and continuing my blog, but I’m switching agencies. Effective today, I’m an agent with Books & Such Literary Agency. Books & Such was founded by Janet Kobobel Grant, who continues as president of the company and represents a full roster of clients. Literary agent Wendy Lawton is vice president, and there are two other agents, Rachel Kent and Mary Keeley, so as I join the company, there are now five agents.

People may wonder why I decided to switch agencies. As you can imagine, the change involved intense thought and prayer, and wasn’t easy. My four years with WordServe Literary have been terrific. Greg Johnson is an amazing and successful agent, and has mentored me well. He’s taught me so much and I’m incredibly grateful. So the choice to move has been bittersweet.

My decision grew out of my long-time friendship with Janet Grant and Wendy Lawton. I’ve been blessed to have these two women as treasured friends during my years working in CBA publishing, and we all believed I’d be a perfect fit for their agency. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside these friends and colleagues long-term.

Another reason for the change is the fact that by nature I’m a social and collaborative person. I work best when I have plenty of conversation with multiple colleagues, so I began praying about how I could find a situation that would fill my need for more daily interaction. Being with Books & Such means there will be six of us regularly engaged in brainstorming, planning and giving feedback on each other’s projects. I’m confident the synergy created by working in a collaborative atmosphere with these dynamic women will suit my disposition and help me to even more effectively serve my clients and advance their careers.

Some of you may be curious about what happens to my clients in this situation. Whenever there’s a change in an agency, the original Author-Agent Agreement determines what the client’s options are. They may be obligated to stay with the agency for a certain specified term, or they may be free to leave the agency and, if they want, follow their agent. In my case, each of my clients has the ability to choose what they’d like to do.

Transitions are always challenging, but I’m excited for this new year.

What’s new for you this year?

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  2. Nikole Hahn says:

    Congratulations! I’ve always enjoyed their insight on their blogs.

  3. Coming up for air to wish you all the best, Rachelle.

    Congratulatons on your new career choice, and to the Books and Such team for recognizing your worth.


  4. Mike Hartner says:

    Congrats on your move. May 2012 be healthy, happy and prosperous for all of your family, and my you find great new authors and books to represent.

  5. Congrats, Rachelle. I’m thrilled for you to find such a great fit! Perhaps I have as well. I’ve been writing a book with an evangelist, who has his materials in over 47 states and 14 foreign countries. From the concept stage on through the development, I’ve been challenged and satisfied with the results. Can’t wait to find out what my next gig will be!

  6. Congrats, Rachelle! That is an exciting start to the year.

  7. Jenni Burke says:

    Congratulations, Rachelle! I saw your lovely face on Janet’s site a few days back and was surprised. Sounds like a great reason to make the transition. I do so enjoy the collaboration I have with Don and our other agents at DCJA–it’s incredibly valuable to access trusted colleagues’ varied perspectives. Being an agent can be somewhat isolating since most of us work from a home office and with authors & publishers scattered across the country (in the CBA, at least). I am happy for you! Enjoy this new season.

  8. HopefulLeigh says:

    Congratulations, Rachelle!

    I finished writing my first novel right before Christmas so I’ll be editing and then putting together my book proposal. And then, we’ll see. I honestly can’t believe I’m at that point already.

  9. Angie Dicken says:

    Congrats! Exciting kick-off to a new year! 🙂

  10. TNeal says:

    Appreciate your sharing of the decision process. What I read is a healthy redirection for solid reasons. Your message leaves me with a positive view of both your former agency and your new one. Not that my opinion counts but I like the way you approached the whole process of change. God bless you as you continue your journey–Tom

  11. Brianna says:

    Congratulations on the move. I’ve made the decision to self-publish this year, and while I’m anxious, I’m also excited.

  12. Reba says:

    Welcome to 2012 right back at ya, and congrats on the new change in you career. Change can be good, or scary depending on the person. For me, this year I plan on changing publishers, unless the Lord tells me otherwise. I have 3 self-published books out and currently working on the 4th. I’ve been praying about a new publisher so when this book is finished I pray the Lord will lead me to the right publisher, rather it be self-published or traditionally. For me it is a little scary working with a new group of people, but who knows it just may be the best thing.
    Have fun working with your friends.

  13. Michelle Higdon says:

    Congratulations to both Rachelle and the agency as a whole! Hope this year is fantastic!

  14. Rachelle congratulations! Is the publisher located in the Colorado area or will you be moving?

    I wonder if that’s why I didn’t get you as an agent. Just kidding. I think that is so great and I wish you much success.

    My great news for the new year is I have a book cover and I start the layout phase this week. I’m getting so close, my palms are itchin’ to hold that first book.

    I’m going to bold to ask :-)…but if you get a minute, I’d love to know how you feel about the cover. I have it posted on my website, but I understand if you don’t. Thanks for being my ‘mentor’. 🙂
    Wishing you and your family blessings!


  15. Congratulations on the move! I’m a big fan of embracing the challenge and thrill of change.

    Following a 2010 and 2011 that were brim-full with change, I’m hoping for (but not counting on)a more serene 2012. I’m also excited to see what might come of my first novel.

  16. Good luck with your new opportunity. I hope we still get our morning blog with Rachelle. Oh I need that.
    My New Year’s resolution was to be nicer. Sometimes I get irritated by people. I think I come across as not nice. My goals this year is to reap some success from all my artistic endeavors. To welcome a new grand baby in May will be a large focus. Overall, I am very blessed. Happy New Year!

  17. Loree Huebner says:

    Best Wishes on your move! Sounds exciting. Happy New Year!

  18. Jenna B. says:

    Janet represents a friend of mine, and is known for her integrity and professionalism. Not to mention she’s a really nice person! Congratulations on the move, Rachelle. I think it’s excellent.

  19. Good luck to you Rachelle! Making a move can be challenging but I’m sure it will be for the best. My latest effort (a 5-book family saga) is well underway. Hoping to have Book #1 – Stairway To My Heart – ready to query by April or sooner. Work already underway on Book #2 – will be serializing another novel on my Blog on Kindle as well. That sums up my to-do list for this year. Sunshine & Hugs to you!

  20. Casey says:

    Congratulations on your move, Rachelle. I hope this holds many good things in store for you and your clients.

  21. Lynn Rush says:

    Awesome!!! Books and Such is a really awesome group of people. I was able to meet Janet, Wendy, and Rachel at ACFW a few years back! Congrats on the change and I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

  22. Wow, this must be huge for you, all things considered. Good luck and best wishes on this new opportunity, and all the best in the New Year.

  23. Jaime Wright says:

    Congratulations!! So exciting for you. God bless in your transition.

  24. Congrats on this new opportunity!!!

  25. Diane Yuhas says:

    How exciting! I love people who are willing to take risks. There’s nothing like throwing yourself off that comfortable cliff into the arms of God.

  26. Rita Monette says:

    Congratulations Rachel. I am praying your blog posts will be as encouraging as they always have been.

    My goal for this year is to obtain an agent, or after four years of trying,self publish the book I believe in with all my heart.

  27. Patti Mallett says:

    Thanks for sharing this exciting news, Rachelle! Your post painted a lovely picture, and you will be in my prayers as you deal with the good-byes, and settle in.

  28. Kelly Combs says:

    Congrats on your new agency. May you have much joy in 2012!

  29. Thanks for sharing the story, Rachelle. All the best!

  30. Joe Pote says:

    Congratulations, Rachelle! I hope all goes well with you, in your new endeavors.

    My plans for 2012?

    Continue developing my blog, as a ministry tool.

    Continue building on-line relationships, both with potential readers and with other writers.

    Keep nudging book promotions along and see where it leads.

    Start eating healthier, again.

  31. Ann Bracken says:

    Congratulations on the move! Making such a change is scary, but I believe we are led to where we are supposed to be.

    Changes for me? Writing a second book, continuing to try to get representation for the first, and most importantly, learn to create and manage a website.

  32. Wow! Congrats on the move! I’m like you in that I prefer having people to bounce ideas off of and though I work online, I’ve got my instant messaging programs open all day long for that reason. Best of luck with your new agency.

    New for me is not really new, unless you count better time management to finish writing/editing so I can finally query. *grin* Less time spent on social networking, more time offline. We’ll see how that goes. 😀

  33. David Todd says:

    Best of luck to you, Rachelle, in your new position. May 2012 be a great year for you.

    As for me, I was planning to pitch a novel to you in January when you re-opened submissions, but the work I was going to publish doesn’t meet your new guidelines, and was already rejected by a Books & Such agent after review of the partial. Alas.

    What’s new for me in 2012 is an expanded and agressive self-publishing schedule, probably now including that novel.

  34. Diane Bailey says:

    Congratulations on an exciting new adventure. One that will take you far and serve you well, I’m sure.

    My new adventure? Seems the Lord has placed me in seclusion for a time, I hope that a new book will pour out of this! The parts are beginning to surface, but I do not have a clear view of the critter, yet!

  35. Best wishes in this change and new year. God has a way of working it all out. Best to hang on tight for the rise!

  36. Cathy West says:

    I think it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you, but most of all I’m excited that all your cool clients will be staying together and I’m sure you’ll be finding even more as the year progresses! Have heard great things about Books & Such and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone. As for me, I keep plugging away, looking toward another release and just seeing what God has planned for this year. 2011 is going to be pretty hard to top though, it was a good one. 🙂

  37. I think it’s a fun change, mainly because I have several writing friends who are Books and Such clients. So it’s fun to be agency mates with them!

    2012….it’s the year of change. My debut comes out in May. My husband’s giving his kidney to his little brother. And we’re adopting! So lots ahead for the Ganshert family.

  38. Jen Daiker says:

    Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity. I know those decisions can be hard but prayer does always seem to lead you to the right answer. What an awesome but difficult opportunity for each of your clients to decide, but I’m sure everyone will make the right decision for themselves.

    Right now I’m looking forward to the release of my short story next week. Sort of surreal.

  39. Kimberly says:

    Congratulations on your new agency! Change is so bittersweet, but it sounds like you’ll have two great friends to walk along side you and make it sweeter.

    Best of luck this year!

  40. I am excited for your news! Prayer on new directions is always the best move! Good for you!

    This new year brings a new me! I originally focused my writing and blog on moving through the proverbial “thorn hedge” that was keeping me from becoming who I am meant to be in Christ.

    After focusing on the journey to Advent through the Christmas holiday, I realized that my grief was my thorn hedge and gave my family (recently lost two siblings in the past two years…all my immediate family in Heaven now.) over to the Savior. It was an incredible break through for me!!

    NOW…2012 finds me putting together a new website, one that focuses on my “brand” and will be part of a new platform…I pray!

    Boy…re-branding is tough…but I believe it will be SO worth it.

    Blessings for you in the New Year!

  41. Congrats on your move!

    2011 was a year of more “news” than I would have personally liked, but many of them were GOOD so I’ll totally take them!

    2012… my book comes out this year! AHHH! Unsure of what else the year will bring, but God knows and I’m trusting him in that!

  42. I wish you all the best in your new venture.

  43. Sherrinda says:

    Congratulations on the move and new possibilities! May your new year be a blessed one.

  44. Congrats on your new move. I pray that it brings you the opportunity to collaborate with your friends and a chance to stretch and grow more in what you do well. Change is tough, but good.

    Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.

  45. Wendy says:

    Intense thought & prayer. More reason for me to feel entirely confident with who I have as an agent. Your character and professionalism inspire me.

    Congratulations! I know you’re going to have a blast with your new crew. Love being a part of it all.

    Happy New Year, Rachelle!

    (And for the record I love how Camille wrote stoked.)
    ~ Wendy

  46. Congrats, Rachelle! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you.

    New for me? I’m full steam ahead toward the end of my latest WIP and approaching another busy tax season.

    Happy New Year!

  47. kiff says:

    Rachelle, Congratulations on a new move for the new year. At this moment, nothing is new for me, but I know as the year gets under way, it shall. And the anticipation of what is versus what will be, is what is going to keep me inspired.

  48. Rachelle:

    Congratulations on your move! Because I changed agencies last year, I have a sense of the challenges and exciting times ahead for you. You are sure to thrive.

    I wish you every success and God’s blessings.


  49. Rick Barry says:

    Congratulations on finding the collaborative home you’ve been hoping for, Rachelle. Blessings to you all!

  50. Lisa Buske says:


    Congratulations on your new venture! I’m thrilled you will still have your blog. It is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. Working with friends and answered prayers sound like an exciting 2012 for you. Thank you for including us in the loop. Happy New Year!

    Lisa M Buske

  51. jeffo says:

    Congratulations and best of luck!

  52. Amy Boucher Pye says:

    Transitions are hard but good. Congrats on your move.

  53. Blessings and peace to you as you make this transition and move forward into the promises of a new year.


  54. Camille Eide says:

    I’m stoked for you, Rachelle! Sounds like a huge step in a promising direction. I know your decision will not only benefit you with your collaborative disposition, but will benefit your clients as recipients of B&S’s team-style approach & coaching. Excited to see what’s ahead for us this year!

    New for me in 2012: gaining a son-in-law (I am NOT losing a daughter…) And rolling out a third novel that will try its darndest to be the best one yet. 🙂

  55. marion says:

    Wow! Change is good Rachelle. (Sounds good in this case, anyway.) All the best for 2012, to you & everyone.

    “…preparing for the end of the world on Dec. 21st.” Rachelle, you know everything! Please give us a numbered list of pointers on how to do this.

    For me, 2011 ended with a bang (a good bang.) Finished first revision. Yippee!

    All else being equal, I’d stick with the agent, not the agency. Relationships are everything.

    Word for 2012: I can’t begin to think of such a thing! Years ago, a friend gave me a word at in a Christmas card: Immanuel (God with us.) I think that’s the only word you need in any year, whatever it brings.

  56. Good luck with the new agency! And happy new year…

  57. Wishing you the best! Happy New Years!

  58. Blessings on your change and may God continue to work through you!

    As for my new year, after several past attempts at a maintainable resolution, I came up with the following-

    My New Year’s Resolution: I, P. J. Casselman, being of sound mind do resolve to live until January 1, 2013 if God wills it.

    This resolution is subject to change without warning. Reading this resolution may cause worry, constipation, blurred vision, chronic fatigue, an intense urge to play video games, and partial head shaking. If these symptoms are not normal for you, read an article from Dr. Oz. This offer not available in altered states. Although it is often found in altar-ed positions.

    Happy New Year!

  59. Huge good luck for you and your new challenge

    New Year, New Challenge, New Hope

  60. Victoria says:

    Congratulations on the transition. I hope the new year is awesome for you!

  61. I wish you all the best with your move, Rachelle. Sounds like an exciting opportunity!

    May your new position and your New Year deliver as many blessings to you as you have so unselfishly doled out to us writers.

    Tall order.

  62. Marsha Young says:

    A new opportunity for a new year – sounds like a good combination.

  63. Good luck in your new position and all the best for the new year.

  64. Dean K Miller says:

    Good luck with your move and may 2012 be blessed for you and your family.

  65. Beth K. Vogt says:

    I’m excited for you, Rachelle, as you embrace forward motion in your career.
    What’s new for me? I’m setting my sights on my novel, Wish You Were Here, debuting in May, even as I focus on writing book 2. And I’m teaching at Blue Ridge this year too! All sorts of fun things to do — and hard work ahead too.

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