Too Much Coffee? No Such Thing.

coffee and beans

I’m a huge fan of memoir. I enjoy reading stories about people’s lives.

And I love getting to know you, my blog readers. Every once in awhile we have a day here on the blog where you get to tell us about yourself.

So today, let’s do Six Word Memoirs. I’m game if you are. (My Six Word Memoir is the title of this post.)

Put your six word memoir in the comments.

Let’s get to know each other, six words at a time.

Have a good weekend!

  1. Kids in bed; life is good.

  2. Becky Povich says:

    At fifty I found my passion.

  3. Tried, failed, tried, failed, still trying.

  4. Crecia says:

    Uncomfortable with hearty laughter?
    Too bad!

  5. Happy heart enjoying the simple things.

  6. Natalie says:

    Baby. Girl. Woman. Wife. Mother. Next?

  7. kendra! says:

    No prize for skinniest, least medicated.

  8. I’m not sure what to say.

  9. So many dreams, not enough time.

  10. People age while I stay young.

  11. ThatGuyKC says:

    Please pass the oreos and milk

  12. KatieP says:

    Nothing like I’d planned; somehow better.

  13. Live the story. Love the journey.

  14. Beth K. Vogt says:

    Walked through the doors marked “Never.”

  15. choann says:

    Everyday I’m learning a new way.

  16. Larry James says:

    My purpose: Helping others help themselves!

  17. Blessed everyday beyond my wildest dreams.

  18. J.M. Bray says:

    I’m learning more…and knowing less.

  19. Camille Eide says:

    Learned Most Stuff The Hard Way.

  20. Right where I’m supposed to be

  21. Andrea Nell says:

    Fictional characters live in my head

  22. Kim Kasch says:

    Running faster, as days get shorter 😀

  23. fiona says:

    Live freely, laugh often, seek good

  24. fiona says:

    Living freely, laughing often, seeking good

  25. Teresa says:

    Rooms available at hotel? Oh yes!

  26. I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!

  27. Andrew, you brought home a WHAT?

  28. Zita Consani says:

    a rogue princess who sings God

  29. Tilting at windmills is my specialty.

  30. Neil Ansell says:

    I always leap before I look.

  31. Katie Hart says:

    I’ve lived 1000 lives through stories!

  32. Chasing words through my forgetful brain.

  33. Did something hard. Did it well.

  34. Beth Cole says:

    Standing under the waterfall of grace.

  35. My grandfather died tonight. I’m sad.

  36. Marina Sofia says:

    Freedom of words. Explore, connect, discover.

  37. Ilima says:

    Luckier than I deserve to be.

  38. Jon says:

    Only six words? That’s not enough.

  39. Diet Moutain Dew. Oh so good.

  40. Jill W says:

    Happiness is fleeting ~ Joy is eternal.

  41. Jenn N says:

    Crazy nomadic mama living her dream.

  42. Learning through mistakes – mine and yours.

  43. carol brill says:

    Suit by day-beachbum at heart

  44. Jay says:

    Serve the Lord? Working on it.

  45. Living, learning, writing, sharing, loving it!

  46. Diana says:

    Two dogs, two cats, two kids.

  47. Roxanne Sherwood Gray says:

    Wife. Homeschooling-mom. Widow. Wife. Writer. Believer!

  48. Joe Pote says:

    Peaceful life in a chaotic world.

  49. kiffy says:

    turned all my tests….. to testimonies

  50. Dream, believe, fly. Go for it!

  51. Kathleen Heady says:

    Tired of routine? Make a change.

  52. Ken Bible says:

    Passionate Bible student and hymn writer.

  53. Lisa says:

    I always feel vulnerable. God restores.

  54. Please pass the cream and sugar.

  55. Always have hope. Never give up.

  56. Live for today, pray for tomorrow.

  57. Martha Reynolds says:

    Big, jokey girl hiding deep sadness.
    (with a nod to the fabulous Anna Quindlen)

  58. Discovering God Discovering Me Discovering Life

  59. Mardi Link says:

    Newspaper reporter; University press author; Knopf!

  60. CM Keller says:

    Tired mom turns stress into stories.

  61. suckled, toddled, schooled, produced, giving back.

  62. CG Blake says:

    Every day I write the book. (title of an Elvis Costello song)

  63. Love this.

    This is what I’m going with today…

    Frenetically faithful, wandering but not lost.

    ~ Wendy

  64. Sue Harrison says:

    So many books to write. Hooray!

  65. Janice Stringer says:

    Well traveled, mind, body and soul

  66. Finding joy in the small things.

  67. Ann Bracken says:

    Living my happily ever after today.

  68. Cathy West says:

    If I’m Crazy, What Are You?

  69. Sheep to the right. Goats – well…

  70. Making Truth truer than my lies.

  71. Johnnie says:

    Ordinary gal loving God’s extraordinary world.

  72. Writer, mom, wife, instigator, learner, idea-generator.

  73. Jill Kemerer says:

    Big mouth, big laugh, big heart. (big butt…no! Sorry. :)

  74. Jible says:

    Definitely no such thing!! Unless you get the shakes that is!

  75. Encouraging more poetry in this world.

  76. Rebekkah N says:

    Riding dragons; be back for tea.

  77. A little weird but that’s okay.

  78. Jeanne says:

    Grace gifted, pouring grace out.

  79. Living above Dad’s expectations (and demons).

  80. Terri Weldon says:

    Love God. Love family. Love Westies.

  81. Ellen Parker says:

    Walk. Think. Write.
    Rinse and Repeat.

  82. modern contemplative–pondering, considering, reflecting, musing

  83. Sarah Thomas says:

    Chocolate makes just about everything better.

  84. Survived incest, totally healed by God

  85. Ang says:

    Life’s journey: faith, sweat and tears

  86. J. M. Tompkins says:

    Maybe I’m quirky, but I’m happy.

  87. Life re-routed, choosing joy. What’s next??

  88. Cathy Mealey says:

    Keep moving. Nothig to see here.

  89. Carol Wong says:

    Old, poor, retired but very happy!

  90. R.A.Savary says:

    I’m not that important. Are you?

  91. Lori says:

    It was a dark and stormy…

  92. B. R. Corder says:

    Deep! Few words–so much said.

  93. Slave of Christ, chauffeur of kids.

  94. Jody says:

    Crazy sister from New York!
    ( My Midwest family calls me that!)

  95. Rachel Joy says:

    So many paths, so little time!

  96. Three Time Breast Cancer Warrior, Thriving.

  97. Nancy Petralia says:

    Almost caught up. Now a hurricane!

  98. Brian Kahler says:

    Too soon oldt – too late shmart

  99. Kate Kopp says:

    Family, chocolate beach: all is good.

  100. Chrissy says:

    Fruit of the spirit, and corn.

  101. Julie C says:

    My muse won’t let me sleep.

  102. Carrie Crain says:

    Cooking is two towns in China

  103. Shannon Schuren says:

    Creating children, crafting chapters,
    craving cheesecake.

  104. Sam says:

    Jersey, then Vegas, teacher, writer, happy.

  105. I collide(d) with truck and grace.

  106. Ray Pace says:

    Chicago, Key West, San Francisco, Honolulu!

  107. Cyn Rogalski says:

    Classic with a bit of patina.

  108. Day by day discovering God’s will.

  109. Pippa says:

    Over him, loving life, no anxiety.

  110. joylene says:

    Slow Down, breathe deep, stay focused.

  111. Polio Survivor; Living Life to Fullest!

  112. Darlene says:

    Said I’m a late bloomer. So?

  113. David Clark says:

    Tougher, yet more diplomatic than most.

  114. Sideshowdoug says:

    This should be worth a mil.

  115. Forgotten shadow suddenly remembers mirrors lie.

  116. Karen Maag says:

    Abused by chance, survivor by choice!

  117. Janice S. says:

    Recovering perfectionist leaning heavily on grace.

  118. Deborah says:

    Loyal lover, involved mother; compassionate friend.

  119. Keli Gwyn says:

    Confessions of a hopelessly sentimental romantic.

  120. writing pieces together my broken heart

  121. Nothing worth having ever comes easy.

  122. Jerry Eckert says:

    Thre fingers bourbon, on the rocks.

  123. Lisa Godrees says:

    Today is my second 21st birthday.

  124. Jerry Eckert says:

    Working together, we changed their world.

  125. Sandi Brower says:

    spontaneous short student sparkling
    on sphere.

  126. Addy Rae says:

    Bad, worse, worst, survived, now good.

  127. Heather says:

    create people items small, medium, large.

  128. Jaime Wright says:

    Found coffee, found love, that simple.

    Sorry, not trying to plagiarize your’s Rachelle, it was just so similar to what I would have put anyway :) LOL

  129. Ruth Taylor says:

    Pregnancy: a good excuse for naps

  130. Anabelle says:

    Changes her mind all the time

  131. Van Vasko says:

    It is what it is, always.

  132. Denise says:

    Getting My Life Back. Grateful. Hopeful.

  133. Shelley Paden says:

    Quit Doubting Starting to Dream Again!

  134. Mary Miller says:

    Laughter and the happy ever after!

  135. Broken pieces glued together by Love.

  136. Give and let live & press-on.

  137. M. G. King says:

    Comma, comma, comma, period. Exclamation! Ellipsis. . . .

  138. atothewr says:

    A father, husband, writer, and runner.

  139. What you resists, persists. Go vegan.

  140. Born, bands, bad, born again, books.

  141. Abbigail says:

    Unfolding slowly, a small life well-lived.

  142. Elissa says:

    Still trying to figure this out…

  143. Janet Bettag says:

    Why be normal? Amazing is better.

  144. Jennine G. says:

    Mother, teacher, student – too many jobs!

  145. Homeschooling six children. Need more chocolate.

  146. Annie says:

    God rescued me – shipmates as well.

  147. Mom_of_ten says:

    Yes I know what causes that.

  148. Gdub says:

    They called me raffish; I complied.

  149. Janet Bettag says:

    We’re out of coffee? Oh, no!

  150. naureen says:

    He with her. ‘Her’ wasn’t me.

  151. Nine months until my new life.

  152. Raejean says:

    Time for a change. Doing what?

  153. Things worked out unexpectedly. Squirmed, adjusted.

  154. I blame it on the paste.

  155. Teaspoons move mountains– so does dynamite.

  156. Curmudgeon? What a load of crap!

  157. Living the life I never planned.

  158. Paula Beavan says:

    Love. Read. Write. Walk. Cook. Eat.

  159. Lesley says:

    Introvert who appears as an extrovert.

  160. Peter DeHaan says:

    I wield words to create art.

  161. I’m pressing on. God is faithful.

  162. Jane Daly says:

    Nothing will ever be the same.

  163. Julie Luek says:

    46 quit career, 48 now writing.

  164. Cheryl Russell says:

    Reading. Writing. ‘Rythmatic-not so much.

  165. Retirement? Second career, Living lifelong dream.

  166. Celia Jolley says:

    Truth stranger than fiction historical addict.

  167. Pamela Carey says:

    Writing Survival Guide with Elderly Parents

  168. Crystal says:

    Bath, Coffee, Comforter, Book … Friday Night!

  169. Traci VW says:

    Here there be dragons. Oh, cool.

  170. Diane Rivers says:

    “I never did get it right.”

  171. Mandi Lynn says:

    Teen author who’s editing like crazy!

  172. Tyrean says:

    Kids at a party. Husband home. :-)

  173. Cathy Stevens says:

    Unexpected kid illness but happy nonetheless

  174. Laurie says:

    I feel at home nowhere, everywhere.

  175. When evil is ignored, it flourishes.

  176. Amy Young says:

    Grace + Truth = Messy, that’s OK!

  177. More hours and more energy please.

  178. audy walker says:

    Sublime joy, writing, like deep wounds.

  179. Cloud-dancing dreamer, feet in clay.

  180. Bethany Jett says:

    Stand up. Stretch. Sit back down.

  181. Otin says:

    I write. I work. I’m broke. :)

  182. Judith E. says:

    Aging me; happier, smarter, wiser me.

  183. Beth Browne says:

    A love affair with the sea.

  184. Jerk of all trades; mastered one.

  185. Wipe the blood off and continue.

  186. Shamus Williams says:

    So many stories, so little time.

  187. Kevin Bemel says:

    Same room someone. Silence. True friend.

  188. Living a boundless life this time.

  189. Some pitches soar, others belly flop.

  190. Called by name. Enjoying the journey.

  191. Lorraine Hopping says:

    Serious fun is not an oxymoron.

  192. Tim Klock says:

    Will I EVER be an author?

  193. You.

  194. Catherine Hudson says:

    Why God? How? Wha-la! There’s a story
    (oops, 8)

  195. Le'sleigh says:

    I am not the oldest, anymore!
    Respectfully submitted.

  196. I live in query letter hell.

  197. Full of ideas, but loathe marketing.

  198. When adventure calls, answer the phone.

  199. James Rogers says:

    Chased by dark to the light.

  200. LOL! I figured everyone would see “9 months” and assume BABY!

  201. Stephen Pate says:

    Searching for a rhythm of wonder.

  202. Hännah says:

    Seeing them free makes it worthwhile.

  203. Loren Due says:

    A man who overcame a kids worst nightmare!

  204. Gary says:

    Laugh sing work play love hurt

  205. Karrlin Bain says:

    Rainbows are Magic and Unicorns Exist!

  206. “I have your back”, says Jennifer

  207. June Maddox says:

    Write it down, please.

  208. Cindy Hansberry says:

    What does this experience make possible?

  209. Life lessons and student for life.

  210. Lady Quixote says:

    Lost-Found, Broken-Healing, Lonely-Loved.


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