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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5cLmD8GqnKY/Skrq8r56ORI/AAAAAAAADCQ/5S3hLj1flSM/s200/snow+melts+cover.JPG First off (and before we get to today’s post)… HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Deborah Vogts, author of Snow Melts in Spring (Book 1 in the Seasons of the Tallgrass series). This is her first novel… and my first agented novel to be released. We’re both excited! Click the picture to buy the book, and visit Debbie’s website to say hi and extend your congratulations. Now on to the post… A reader asked: If you enter a major contest, can you still look for an agent or is your ms. tied up until the winner is announced? Of course it’s a long shot but I hate to mislead potential agents…I’d like to hedge my bets and try for both. What’s the protocol? Help! I think it’s a good idea to be querying agents and entering contests at the same time....
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Straight from the Source

I had a conversation with Sue Brower, Senior Acquisitions Editor for fiction at Zondervan, about the Mt. Hermon contest, and she had some clarifications for us. First, there was a question from a blog commenter about ChristianManuscriptSubmission.com, a service that Zondervan sometimes uses to find fiction. Sue says, “the writer still has a better chance if they can get an agent, or pitch to me at a conference.” Several of you noted the discrepancy between the competition deadline (November 1) and the beginning of registration (December 1) for the 2009 Mount Hermon’s Writer’s Conference. Sue apologizes for the mix-up and says: We will allow entries from those who have not attended a Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference until the November 1 deadline. However, to continue in...
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More on the Mt. Hermon Writing Contest

Well, the birthday weekend is over, and I want to thank all of you who sent nice birthday wishes. They made me feel really special and I appreciate it! I had a terrific birthday hanging out with my family, and now I’m back at my desk ready to rock. So Friday when I made the announcement of the Zondervan/Mt. Hermon “All About the Story” contest, I was intrigued by the many varied responses, both in the comments and in my email the rest of the day. The most common question I received was whether you should submit your manuscript to a contest, or to an agent, or both, or what??? My thought is that there’s no reason not to submit to a contest at the same time you’re querying agents. If an agent requests a partial or a proposal, that might be a good time to let...
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