This Week on the Web… and Q4U

This Week on the Web… and Q4U Some interesting links this week:Mike Hyatt reports on an Atlantic Monthly article about What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. This really hit home with me.The agents at Bookends discuss subjectivity in publishing in To Each His Own.The New York Times looks at the Protestant vs. Catholic question in “Is Anti-Catholicism Dead?“Randy Ingermanson and Meredith Efkin address What To Bring to a Writer’s Conference.Mary DeMuth talks about The Myth of Multi-tasking. Are you a multi-tasker? Did you know it’s impossible?WordServe client J.L. Miles writes about the long and winding road to publishing in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Getting Published.And just so you’ll know I’m not the only agent who gets behind on queries… read this.This...
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Q4U… and May Stats

This weekend’s question for you (Q4U): Let’s talk about “safe” in Christian writing (as in, “safe for the whole family” like they say on that radio station). Should Christian books be safe? In novels, especially—what’s the role of “safe” in the books we write and publish? Rachelle’s Stats for May: Submissions received: 244 Pass letters sent: 119 Partials or fulls requested: 15 Queries languishing unanswered in my mailbox: 45 Projects in the “to be considered” file: 65 Published books I read in their entirety: 0 Published books I purchased and tried to read but couldn’t finish: 1 (The Shack) Published books I started and definitely intend to finish (in another life maybe?): 4 Queries that mentioned their book...
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Weekend Reading… and… Q4U

Lots of fun stuff going on in the blogosphere this week! On Wednesday, I noticed a significant jump in my daily hit count, and when I rooted it out, I found that Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Literary Agency (who has a wonderful blog I read regularly) had included a link to my blog along with other agents on the Writer’s Digest 101 Websites list. I always get a little thrill when people in mainstream publishing (vs. CBA) visit here or post a link. Then Friday I read this post on Jennifer’s blog where she explained that the Donald Maass agency will henceforth respond to all queries, whereas previously they had one of those “we only respond if we’re interested” policies. Do you think our discussion had anything to do with this? I wonder… Some...
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Feb Stats & This Week in Blogs

Things have been pretty busy this month. I felt like I was drowning in email, so just for fun I decided to start keeping count of all incoming and outgoing emails each day. My slowest day I handled about 140 incoming and outgoing emails; my busiest was last Thursday with 230 in a 24-hour period. No wonder I’m tired. This month’s stats: Submissions received: 156 Pass letters sent: 92 Partials or fulls requested: 11 New clients accepted: 7 (for a total of 18) Queries languishing unanswered in my mailbox: 53 Some interesting reading this week: An Editor Speaks Out on Sally Stuart’s blog Brandilyn Collins on Writing Rules Agent Jennifer Laughran Talks About Juvenile Writing Deb Gyapong on Blogging and Book Promotion Questions Editors Should Ask at Andy Unedited (Ask...
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This Week in Blogs

Some worthwhile weekend reading: Terry Whalin: The Beginning and Ending of Marketing Freaked About Speaking? by Mary DeMuth Sally Stuart shares more of what she heard at the Writing for the Soul Conference Advice to New Writers About Money (LONG but very good post) Advances – What They’re Made Of (Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Agency) And… a follow-up to my “Social Networks” poll: Thanks to everyone who voted and left comments about Facebook, etc. I have to admit I feel vindicated and *freed* by the results. While Facebook is the clear winner if I wanted to join a social network, what was more interesting was that not one person was able to report a clear business reason to “have to” join. For now, I’m going to keep saying...
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This Week on the Web, 2/9/08

I’m going to start a new feature here… (I know, lots of new features lately. And eventually we’ll be introducing contests… won’t that be exciting?!) Occasionally I’ll give you links to my favorite blog posts of the week. Some might be funny, or they might be important or particularly insightful… or they might even be about moi which means they’re definitely not important but of course you’ll want to read them. So without further ado… this week’s interesting reading: Nathan Bransford: Harry Potter is Not Walking Through That Door Randy Ingermanson on Blogging – “Answering Questions on Content” Your Place or Mine? by Jeanne Damoff Mary DeMuth’s post on Platform “How a Weak Book Kills a Strong...
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