10 Things to Know About Speakers Bureaus

10 Things to Know About Speakers Bureaus If you’re a speaker, or you’re trying to build yourself into one, then your most immediate challenge will be, “How do I get speaking engagements?” In your quest to get bookings, you’ll probably want to know whether you need to consider joining a speakers’ bureau. Here are a few things to know before you get started: 1. It can be helpful to be part of a speakers’ bureau since it’s one way to get potential speaking engagements, but its usefulness will depend on who you are, how “in demand” you are as a speaker, and who your speakers’ bureau is. 2. Speakers bureaus are NOT a magic ticket to lots of speaking engagements. Most of them are not proactive, i.e. there is nobody out there “pitching you” as a speaker. Most are basically a...
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