Your Brilliant Disguise

Your Brilliant Disguise Rethinking Pseudonyms I’ve written about pseudonyms on this blog before. They have a long history in literature and the arts, and even nowadays on the Internet, many people choose to comment on blogs or maintain their Twitter presence under a pseudonym. Some authors have pseudonyms because their real name doesn’t seem right, for whatever reason (it may be hard to pronounce, hard to spell, or just doesn’t sound like an “author”). Typically these people have their entire online persona and write all their books under this pseudonym, so for them, it’s not as much of an issue. There are others who write different genres under different names. And still others who are re-launching their careers under a different name to escape unhappy sales figures from a previous writing...
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Should I Use a Nom de Plume? The question of whether to use a pen name comes up frequently among writers. People wonder what kinds of circumstances might dictate using a pen name, and how to choose one. There are several legitimate reasons to use a pseudonym. You simply may not like your real name, or it doesn’t fit the genre in which you’re writing. Your employer may not want you known as an author, or your profession may demand your anonymity. (People who work in the mental health field are a good example of this.) Your real name might be the same as a celebrity’s or someone whose name has a negative connotation. Or you might write in more than one genre and use different names for each. (If you’re an unpubbed writer, you don’t need to be worrying about this one yet. First things...
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