Discussing Authors and Privacy

Discussing Authors and Privacy I’m blogging at Books & Such today. We’re talking about privacy when it comes to authors. Is privacy possible?   Here’s a snippet:   I’ve been talking with a potential client—a staggeringly talented writer and thinker—about her goals and her writing career. At a certain point, we got caught up on a particular issue that had nothing to do with her books or her writing: privacy.   The author writes her blog using initials, rather than her name. She uses an avatar and avoids posting any real photos of herself. She doesn’t reveal personal details in her writing. She hoped to continue in this vein as she entered publishing.   We talked about her desire for privacy, and the need to keep her family safe. And we talked about the fact that...
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How Much to Share Online

How Much to Share Online With everyone going so crazy over social media today, many have legitimate questions about “how much is too much.” How do you share information and conversation on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter while still having personal and professional boundaries? I’ve noticed two separate issues with this: 1. The professional aspect. What if you’ve queried 150 agents and had no success yet? What if you have an agent and your project is about to go out on submission to publishers? What if you just received a publishing contract? Do you blog and tweet these things? How do you know where to draw the line on sharing professional information? I can’t answer every single variable here, but I can say this: Always be thoughtful and discerning when deciding what professional information to share...
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