Q4U: What’s Your Book About?

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5cLmD8GqnKY/SXic2Pgys4I/AAAAAAAAClI/js3MRG3vk1I/s200/sticky+note+Q4U.bmp Okay guys, work with me here. Close your eyes (AFTER you read this post). Imagine you’re at a writer’s conference, waiting for the elevator up to your hotel room. The agent of your dreams walks up and stands beside you. He/she smiles and says “Hi.” You manage to return a coherent “Hello” in response. “Enjoying the conference?” the agent asks. “Yes, it’s great!” you respond. The elevator doors open and you both step in. The agent presses 15. You press 17 (even though your room is on the 5th floor). Agent looks you squarely in the eye and asks, “So what are you writing?” You now have 15 floors to make an impression. → What will you say? I’ll respond to these next week, so specify in the comments if you...
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Q4U: Your Tips for Agents & Editors

Yesterday I gave you some tips for making a great pitch at a conference. But as blog reader Karen pointed out, we agents and editors could use some tips, too. So tell us… what would make you more comfortable pitching to us at a conference? What do you need to hear from us? And let’s open it up beyond conferences. In all your dealings with agents and editors, what can we do to make things easier for you? Now’s your chance. We’re listening!
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