What Should I Bring to a Conference?

What Should I Bring to a Conference? Hi Rachelle, I have a question about attending a fiction conference. Lots of posts are flying around the Internet about bringing one sheets and the first 1-2 chapters of each novel to give to editors when meeting with them. I’m going to design a really nice one-sheet with 1-paragraph synopses of my two novels. Should I also attach the first chapter of each to my one-sheet? Or should I just have the chapters ready to give only if they ask for them? Signed,  New Novelist Dear New Novelist, You should have a separate one-sheet for each novel. Don’t attach anything to it. Make sure your one-sheet includes:  Your book title (obviously)  A brief pitch for the novel similar to flap copy or back cover copy  An image that somehow captures the novel  Your contact...
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