What’s Your 2013 Focus?

What’s Your 2013 Focus? Happy new year! I’ve been on a blogging break, and while it was refreshing, I’m excited to dive back in. Since we just celebrated New Year’s, I decided to start by to discussing our areas of focus for 2013. Many of us have spent time over the holidays evaluating our lives and our work, and coming up with goals, resolutions, thoughts or words to guide us through the new year. Have you done this? In all this thinking and envisioning what I’d like to accomplish this year, I had an epiphany and I wanted to share it with you (in hopes that maybe you’ll share your epiphanies too). I frequently read books and blogs about business and leadership, but I’ve always read the leadership material from a rather distant standpoint, thinking of it as hypothetical...
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Goals, Resolutions, Words

Goals, Resolutions, Words Every year at this time I blog about New Year’s Resolutions – whether to do them, how to do them, and my thoughts on how to make them stick. I’ve read so many articles about them, including this piece from author Debbie Macomber about meditating for the entire year on One Perfect Word. Last year as I thought about my resolutions for 2011, I identified that for me to be successful with my goals, I needed to first identify the underlying emotional reason for the goal. For example, most people’s resolution to “get in shape” or “lose weight” would translate to “feel good about myself” and “look good to others” and “live longer and feel better.” I thought maybe we’d have more power in our annual goals if we connected to what was really...
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