Who You Know Can Make a Difference

Who You Know Can Make a Difference We in the publishing world spend a lot of time talking about things like: • The best thing you can do for your platform is write a great book. • Publishing isn’t about who you know, but what you write. For the most part, these are true statements. Nevertheless, networking with other authors can be tremendously valuable: • Sharing the journey gives you access to information you might not have had otherwise. • Hanging with other authors (online or in real life) gives you encouragement that you’re not alone in this crazy writing life. • At the right time, a recommendation from a writing friend to an agent or publisher can change your life. Like all agents and publishers, I receive far more submissions than I can say “yes” to. But occasionally, one of my...
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6 Tips for Successful Networking

6 Tips for Successful Networking Whether you’re a writer, a publishing professional, or in any other job or field, you’re probably going to be networking at some point. These days we do a great deal of networking online; but there are still the old-fashioned ways of building networks: face to face. You may be at a conference, a cocktail party, or industry event where you have the opportunity to meet people who can become part of your “network.” What are the best ways to bring people into your personal and professional networks? These tips apply to Twitter, Facebook, conferences, and every other networking situation. 1. Focus on relationships. The strongest network is made up of real relationships. Treat people like people—not as a means to an end. 2. Be genuine. People can tell when you’re...
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