The Legend of the Movie Option

The Legend of the Movie Option Guest Blogger: Martha Carr Reality check: Getting a book optioned for film does not mean your name will ever appear on a screen after the words “Based on the Book By…” or get you to that elusive goal of fame and riches. It’s only the first pebble in a long road to the (possible) box office… a road that’s filled with a lot of potholes. I’ve learned this over the years after watching three different producers option my first thriller, Wired, and proceed to put their hard-earned money and passion into trying to get the picture made, only to fall short. It’s an affirmation the people like it, and a few dollars in my pocket every time, but the space between the option and even the first day of filming has often felt more like a passage through a magical...
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Hoping For a Movie Deal, Part Two

Hoping For a Movie Deal, Part Two Yesterday I began by giving you some basics on how books start their journey towards a Hollywood movie option. Today let’s talk about how this might (or might not) apply to YOU. Will my agent shop MY book to Hollywood agents? Here’s the hard part. Because the odds are against us selling the film rights in many cases, we have to make careful choices about how to spend our time. We have to see something compelling that makes us believe there’s a good chance your book will translate well to film or TV. Some things that make it worthwhile for us to be more aggressive in shopping your book to film agents: → Your book was sold to a major publishing house at auction for a lot of money→ Your book is a NYT bestseller→ Your book is garnering extremely positive reviews from...
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Hoping For a Movie Deal, Part One

Hoping For a Movie Deal, Part One Let’s just start with this assumption: if you’ve written a novel or memoir, chances are you’ve dreamed of it becoming a movie. Admit it! It’s so visual, you think. So dramatic! It’s even better than [insert name of box office hit]. Hey, I agree with you! Plenty of books could make great movies, if only someone were interested in making a movie out of them. So today and tomorrow I’m going to shed a little light on film rights. Keep in mind that different agents have different ways of handling things, and there is no clear path to Hollywood, but these are some basics. Hollywood Film Agent Required Literary agents can’t typically sell in Hollywood. (We sell to publishers.) So the only way to get our movie rights optioned or sold is to partner with a film agent. Large literary...
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