What the Heck is Content Marketing?

What the Heck is Content Marketing? I’m always talking with authors about marketing their books and growing their platforms. It’s a challenge for most writers, who are constantly trying to figure out the formula for gathering more fans (i.e. potential book-buyers). While writers typically don’t love the idea of marketing their books, ironically they’re more suited to it than many other kinds of business people these days. (Click to Tweet this.) Why? Because today the #1 strategy for marketing in every kind of business is CONTENT MARKETING. And what is this newfangled, businessy sounding term? According to Content Marketing Institute: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a...
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12 Mistakes Authors Make in Connecting with Readers

12 Mistakes Authors Make in Connecting with Readers The whole idea of “building a platform” and “marketing your book” is to get people to read what you’ve written. Whether you’re traditionally or self-published, connecting with potential readers is crucial. There are many good ways to do this (although it’s not necessarily easy), and plenty of resources to  help you. Today I want to point out the most common mistakes I see authors making in the effort to connect with readers. 1. Not creating a plan or strategy for connecting with readers, but remaining completely haphazard. 2. Not understanding who their reading audience is. 3. Trying too hard to “sell” rather than gather a reading community. 4. Spending too much time on their blog, when that might not be the most effective way to gather a...
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Where Your Passion Meets the Market

Where Your Passion Meets the Market Last month I wrote a post about building a long-term writing career (Are You in this for the Long Haul?). In my list of things writers can do to develop a long-haul career, I said: Pay attention to where your passion intersects with the market. I want to expand on that because it’s so crucial. Most writers start out writing what interests them (obviously) which is the way it should be. But things change once you transition from writing for fun to writing for fun & profit. The profit part requires you think about what you can sell. I often hear writers debating whether it’s best to write what you love, or try to write to the market. I think this is a false dichotomy. You need both. As a writer, you’re probably interested in a variety of topics and genres. So if you...
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