5 Things To Do Before Hiring a Freelance Editor

5 Things To Do Before Hiring a Freelance Editor More writers are hiring editors these days, whether they’re going indie or just making sure the manuscript is polished before submitting to agents and publishers. If you’re a newer writer, unpublished, here are some things I think you should do before spending your hard-earned money on a freelance editor. (1) Get objective feedback. It’s best to have a critique group or partner, if possible. Try to get the most honest feedback you can—not on grammar and punctuation, but on the overall content of your book. Are readers finding the book engaging? Are they reading to the end? Are they confused? (2) Edit & revise your book using reputable sources. Find fiction resources HERE. My favorites for the revision phase are Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne &...
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Hiring a Freelance Editor

Hiring a Freelance Editor Guest Blogger: Michelle DeRusha “So I’m thinking about hiring a professional editor to review my manuscript,” I suggest one night to my husband as we stand in the kitchen. “Why do you think you need to do that?” Brad asks. I understand his skepticism. While my husband has always been 100 percent supportive of my writing, hundreds of dollars is a steep price tag for an author without a publishing contract…or an agent. Plus Brad has read this memoir, along with ten or so other readers, and I’d already edited it no fewer than 300 times. What more could a professional editor do? I can’t tell my husband the real reason I want to hire a professional editor. I can’t tell him that it’s because my blogger friend Katdish read the manuscript and liked it, but...
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Should I Hire a Freelance Editor?

http://www.rachellegardner.com//HLIC/3edcda7872e5dcde92e6befc3de6b274.jpg Lately more and more people have been asking me if they should hire an editor prior to submitting to agents. Here’s my take: Using a freelance editor can be a great idea – if you use it as a learning experience. You need to do most of the work yourself. I think it’s wasted money if you’re counting on someone to fix your manuscript for you. The point is to get an experienced set of eyes on it to help you identify problems and figure out how to fix them. Prior to being represented or having a contracted book, the best way to work with an editor is to have them give you notes on your book, but not make changes themselves in the manuscript. Then you can go back to your manuscript, grasp the reasons for the changes they’re suggesting, and implement them, all the...
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Freelance Editors

Updated 1/30/17. Sometimes it’s necessary or desirable to work with a freelance editor to improve your writing skills or help make your manuscript more marketable. I’ve compiled a list of editors I know who are very good at what they do. There is a link to each individual website, so that you can see what services they offer and what they charge. *Please note our agency is NOT connected financially or any other way with these editors. These are simply recommendations based on our knowledge of their previous work. You may also want to read this post: 5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Freelance Editor.   Editors for Both Fiction and Non-Fiction → Chuck Sambuchino. Click here. Also edits query letters, synopses, and proposals. → The Novel Doctor. Click here. Also edits...
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How to Become a Freelance Editor

Before I was an agent, I was a freelance editor. Now a lot of people ask me how to get into freelance editing, but I never quite know how to answer. My freelance career grew from my contacts and experience working in the publishing industry for a dozen years. It grew organically out of what I was already doing, which was in-house editing. I think you’ll find that most freelance editors are either published novelists whose skills the in-house editors trust, or former in-house editors, either at a book publisher, a magazine, newspaper or other kind of publication. If you haven’t proven yourself by working your way up in a publishing company, then it will be more difficult to convince companies that you do, in fact, have editorial skills. I guess the first question I’d recommend you...
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The Editorial Process

Several of you have been curious about the editorial process inside a publishing house. Rosslyn asked:What is the role of freelance editors in the publishing process these days? I’ve noticed cases recently in which published authors had in-house editors AND freelance editors working on their novels. Do publishing houses hire these freelancers, or do the authors do it? Why do publishers or authors hire a freelancer when a novel already has an in-house editor? Then Katy expounded:If a contracted novel has, say, three editors working on it, do they all do the whole book separately and simultaneously? And then does the author have to compare notes from all three of them in order to figure out the fixes?Every publisher has their own process, and they may call each step of the process by...
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