What Doesn’t Happen When You Sign a Book Deal

What Doesn’t Happen When You Sign a Book Deal Guest Blogger: Addie Zierman (@addiezierman)   The contract will come in the mail with the publisher’s name on it, and for a few minutes or hours or days, you’ll feel on top of the world.   Here you are, at the beginning of a dream come true, at the precipice of all you’ve been waiting for.   You’ll sit down at the kitchen table. You’ll lift your pen to sign the papers.   You’ll be trying to have a moment, but your kids will be screaming at you from the living room. “Mom! I don’t want this show!” or “Dad! Get me a granola bar!” Because to them, you’re not an author, you’re their parent, and nothing here has really changed. * Although you’ve always been a writer, the book deal will make you feel legitimized in some ways – like someone else...
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Big Dreams vs. Realistic Expectations

Big Dreams vs. Realistic Expectations I was on a retreat last week with a few dozen Books & Such clients and had numerous terrific conversations about writing and the publishing journey. We talked a lot about our dreams for the future and tried to identify any roadblocks that might be holding us back from pursuing them. I noticed that it’s difficult for writers to “dream big” or set lofty goals because they’re constantly being told — and shown — that publishing is a difficult journey and writing is a career in which huge success is a long shot. It got me pondering the advice I regularly give to writers: I encourage them to follow their dreams and to keep persistently pursuing them, while also advising they keep their expectations in check and be realistic about their possibilities. It’s...
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