Letting Go of Scarcity Thinking

Letting Go of Scarcity Thinking I have noticed that our culture is permeated with scarcity thinking, and the world of books and publishing is no exception. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? ♦ Another author just got a 2-book deal. That’s two less spots for me. ♦ An agent just announced a new client. There goes my shot. ♦ Look how many self-pub authors are making six figures. There’s not enough room for me. ♦ I’m supposed to write my books PLUS do all this social media and marketing? There’s not enough time! ♦ There are too many books out there. How will readers find mine? This kind of thinking has saturated the writing community to such an extent that we hardly recognize it anymore. Author Lynne Twist writes: The first prevailing myth of scarcity is that there’s not...
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