What Will Happen to Booksignings?

What Will Happen to Booksignings? Last week when we were discussing e-books, someone brought up an interesting question. In the age of e-books… what will happen to booksignings? Well first of all, with marketing budgets having dropped over the last few years, there are already fewer booksignings than there used to be. But autographed books are one of the enduring traditions in the literary world, so I have a feeling that somehow, some way, they’re going to continue. Even though the trend is shifting toward e-books, many print books are still sold and that will continue to be the case for quite some time. So for awhile anyway, we’ll still be able to get our print books signed. I can envision a future in which some books are published in e-versions except for small, exclusive and highly touted print runs...
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E-books vs. Real Books

E-books vs. Real Books An open letter to the people who keep telling me you only buy REAL books, not e-books, and insist that you’ll never go over to “the dark side” and buy an e-reader. Let me start by saying this feels like an outdated sentiment to me. Don’t you think it’s just about run its course? C’mon, e-books ARE real books. Everybody knows that by now. Also? There’s no dark side. I love books as much as anyone — my credentials as a voracious reader are solid. But honestly, a story can be told in a hardcover book, or a softcover book, or with pixels or e-ink on a screen, or someone could be reading it to me as an audiobook… and it’s just as good. The experience of the book, the world I get lost in… it’s equally satisfying, regardless...
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How I Created My First E-Book

How I Created My First E-Book Guest Blogger: Mary DeMuth I never thought I’d self publish anything. Truly. I’m a traditionally published girl with eleven books under my author belt. I love my publishers, love what they’ve done. But there came a time when one of my book ideas didn’t fit within their needs. The kernel of the idea to e-publish started when I pioneered my nonfiction and fiction proposal tutorials to help authors with the difficult process of writing a book proposal. Sure, they were simple e-documents I sold from my site (and they’re available here on Rachelle’s blog by clicking on “Resources for Writers” above) but they weren’t made of paper, and they’ve proven to be a financial blessing. I don’t make a lot, but the amount helps me pay my...
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The Changing Publishing Landscape

The Changing Publishing Landscape Yesterday we talked about how slow everything seems to go in traditional publishing, and how it can be tempting to think of "quick" e-book publishing as better simply because it's faster. I have a couple of things to add today about how this industry is changing.
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A REALLY Interactive E-Book

A REALLY Interactive E-Book Guest Blogger: Mary DeMuth What would a (truly) interactive ebook book look like? Recently I read an interesting post by Joe Konrath. He talks about the possibility of an interactive book. Not simply one where you touch a screen and a movie or podcast or image flows your way. No, he’s talking social media. Web 2.0 stuff where readers and authors engage with each other over the platform of an ebook. An ebook could include skype chats with the author, reviews by readers, discussion forums, alternative endings, fan fiction, etc. Think of it as Facebook meets book. Konrath writes, “Instead of books simply being static text, this scenario allows them to become active. Alive. Growing. Readers continually generate content about books they’re read, in dozens of places. Why not...
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Let’s Hear it For Old Fashioned Books

http://www.rachellegardner.com//HLIC/62b5c82082169246a767c5abaa2c7b88.jpg As most of you know, I’ve been a devoted Kindle fan since soon after it came out, and I’ve waxed poetic about my love for it several times here on the blog. And ever since iPad came out, I’ve been sorely tested in my attempts to avoid coveting. It looks really cool. Every time I write about e-books and the various devices for reading them, I get lots of comments from people who swear they’ll never go electronic. They go on and on about the smell, the feel, the experience of a book that an e-book just can’t replicate. And as much as I hate to say it… I agree with you. E-books definitely have their place, and you can’t beat them for travel and especially for reading manuscripts. I’m still in love with my Kindle! But there is nothing…...
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