Are You a Craft Junkie?

Are You a Craft Junkie? Guest Blogger: Jillian Kent Craft. Are you familiar with it? I’m not talking scrap-booking here. I’m talking about the craft of writing, and I’m going to come right out and say it: I can’t stop buying books on the craft of writing. I want to learn how to be the best writer I can possibly be, so I turn to the experts for help. And what the heck — I’m an addict.  A craft junkie. I’ve tried to quit buying these books on writing because really, how many how-to books does one writer need? Webster’s on-line dictionary says this: CRAFT: Art; skill; dexterity in a particular manual occupation; hence, the occupation or employment itself; manual art; trade. JUNKIE: Someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction. Wondering if you’ve...
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A Must-Read for Writers (See below for how to win a copy.) A decade ago, I read Betsy Lerner’s book The Forest for the Trees and it quickly rose to the top of my “best books ever” list. I read it a few times over the years, then lent it out so many times I lost track of my copy. Today I’m excited because I just ordered my brand-spankin’-new copy of the Revised and Updated 10th Anniversary Edition. I think every single writer seeking publication should read this book! Here’s the review on Amazon: One feels for Betsy Lerner’s writers. Oh, sure, Lerner must be a fabulous agent. But too bad for them: In gaining her as an agent, they lost her as an editor. How rare and wonderful it must have been to have such an advocate, advisor, and, yes, admirer so firmly ensconced in...
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Books, Books, Books

I’m a great believer in reading. Shocking, huh? I believe that you, as a writer, should read lots of books in the genre or category in which you are writing. If you write literary fiction, you should read literary fiction. If you write suspense, you should read suspense. It’s a great way to learn. I also believe in reading informational, inspirational, and how-to books about writing and publishing. So I’d like to know your favorites. I’ll compile a list for future blog readers. What’s your favorite book on WRITING?What’s your favorite book about GETTING PUBLISHED? Leave them in the comments, and have a great weekend!Rachelle Gardner, Christian Literary Agent,...
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