5 Reasons to Consider Audiobooks

5 Reasons to Consider Audiobooks I’ve been a fan of audiobooks since the days when a book was a big bulky set of a dozen or so cassette tapes that I listened to in my car on my long Los Angeles commute. Today, I think they’re an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to read a great many books but finds they never have enough time to get to all of them. If you haven’t embraced audiobooks yet, I highly recommend you give them a try! Here’s why: 1. Listening to audiobooks can easily increase your overall book consumption by 50% to 100% because you’re using time that previously wasn’t available and turning it into valuable “reading” time. 2. You can listen in your car; while exercising; while walking or hiking; or while doing mundane tasks around the house or yard. I often...
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How Good Books Can Lead to Spotless Floors

How Good Books Can Lead to Spotless Floors Like most people these days, agents tend to keep pretty busy, and one thing we’re always doing is READING. My desk is piled high with manuscripts. Okay, I’m lying. There are no piles. There are files in my computer, and more files on my brand new 3G Kindle. They’re virtual piles. At the top of the piles are manuscripts from my clients. Next in line are manuscripts from people wanting to be my clients. If you imagine those piles never end, you’re right. So the problem for an agent is, how can we take time for pleasure reading? The reading of actual *gasp* published books? We’ve got to find the time to read something besides manuscripts. Otherwise how will we be savvy, up-to-date, on-top-of-things agents? How will we know what’s going on in publishing if...
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