Puppy Training Techniques for Writers

puppy Reagan

The adorable and very well-trained Reagan

I’m blogging at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:
One of the difficult things about being a writer is having those days when you’re lacking inspiration, the words aren’t flowing, and you feel stuck. Pile enough days like that on top of one another and pretty soon you have the dreaded writer’s block. Ugh.
But that never has to happen to you…because you can train your muse to perform on command. The secret is to think of it like a puppy. You know — cute, rambunctious, frustrating and surprisingly teachable. Like a puppy, your muse only seems unmanageable. Here are some tips on how to get your creativity to show up when you need it.

5 Puppy-Training Basics for a Muse That Behaves

1. Develop desirable habits.
The secret to puppy training is getting your adorable fluffy friend to develop routine behaviors he can perform without even thinking. To help him develop good habits, repetition is key—doing the same thing over and over again. That’s the number one way to train your muse, too. Keep to a schedule; have a routine that works for you. Have certain “cues” that signal to your muse that it’s time to work: sit in a certain place, turn on certain music, get your favorite drink, whatever you need to do. Schedule + repetition = habit.
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  • http://www.lacythings.net/ rebecca lacy

    Ooo…does that mean that I can give my muse a treat when it behaves? Kidding aside, this is good advice.

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