Negative thinking? Give it a try.

Thumbs DownI’m blogging at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:
I’m an optimist by nature — I usually expect things will all work out. But for the new year, I plan to maintain a more realistic mindset by “thinking negative.” What do I mean by that?
When I “think negative,” I factor into my habitual positive thinking an assessment of the difficulties, challenges or obstacles that may be in front of me. I attempt to understand any potential risks or pitfalls in my path. Wherever I’m headed, whatever my goals might be, I can’t afford to be unreservedly positive.
There are several clear advantages to “negative thinking,” including:
♦ When you’re focused on “thinking positive,” you may not be adequately prepared for the challenges of your journey, and therefore fail to meet them successfully.
♦ Thinking through the negatives keeps you from being overly surprised or disappointed when things don’t go as you’d hoped or planned.
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  • Becky Povich

    Vellllly interesting! I’m heading over to Books and Such!

  • Carradee

    I’m a natural pessimist who chooses to be optimistic. That means I notice all the negatives but hope for or assume (or pretend to assume) the best.

    Both negative and positive thinking have their benefits. Last thing you want to do is to nurture a negative thinking habit that can lead into anxiety attacks…

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