Happy Independence Day

Hope you have a fun 4th, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

  1. The people were ready to carry the Motherland on their shoulders
    And march on to the sky we say is the limit as soldiers.

  2. If the holiday falls in the middle of the week some fireworks displays and celebrations may take place during the weekend for convenience again varying by region.

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  4. It was a very HAPPY 4th for me and my fun famuily. We caught the Washington NATS beat the SF Giants at National Stadium. Despite 100 degrees the game was not so HOT. Score: 9-4.
    Hebrew National dogs were sure HOT though. A good time was had by all except the SF players and their fans,my son included. )< :

  5. Happy 4th of July.

  6. Enjoy the day, Rachelle! As I suggested to everyone I work with yesterday, though: enjoy the day safely, so that we can celebrate July fifth together, too.

  7. Brianna says:

    Enjoy your day off, Rachelle!

  8. Happy Fourth of July! Have some watermelon, homemade ice cream, picnic and enjoy the light sticks and confetti-that’s what we will be doing in our parched, dried desert side of the state-after I get home from work.

  9. jeffo says:

    Enjoy your day, and thanks for the great work you do on behalf of writers!

  10. Lanny says:

    Happy Independence Day, Rachelle. I hope two things: that you are out of harm’s way; and that you know how valuable your blog is to all of us writers. Best to you!

  11. SC Author says:

    Happy forth to you too! Now to watch some Chicago fireworks.

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