Are You Only as Good as Your Worst Book?

StinkyI’m blogging at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview.

You may have noticed that there are now far more books available to readers than ever before in history. The rise of digital publishing has led to a tenfold increase in the number of books published each year, from about 300,000 to more than 3 million.

In this crowded field, discoverability is the biggest challenge for an author. You must grapple with the question of how your readers will find you.

Therefore, keeping readers once you’ve snagged them is essential. You want readers to finish your book and immediately want more. You don’t want to have to keep wooing them over and over. You want to win them and make permanent fans of them.

Once you lose those fans—disappoint them with a book that’s not up to your usual standard—they may be gone forever.

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  • yepi 4

    I agree with you, the readers to take away the very thing should not happen. Let us be cautious in our work.

  • Beth Caplin

    Doesn’t seem fair to judge an author’s work by one “bad” book. However I have noticed a steady decline in quality from some authors I used to enjoy. This tends to happen when they treat books like babies – one book every 9 months. Some authors can do that, but not all.

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