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new yearsEvery year at this time I blog about New Year’s Resolutions – whether to do them, how to do them, and my thoughts on how to make them stick. I’ve read so many articles about them, including this piece from author Debbie Macomber about meditating for the entire year on One Perfect Word.

Last year as I thought about my resolutions for 2011, I identified that for me to be successful with my goals, I needed to first identify the underlying emotional reason for the goal. For example, most people’s resolution to “get in shape” or “lose weight” would translate to “feel good about myself” and “look good to others” and “live longer and feel better.” I thought maybe we’d have more power in our annual goals if we connected to what was really driving us.

Two years ago as I examined my list of New Year’s Resolutions, I found they were uninspiring and I needed to find the joy in them, or I’d never accomplish them. Finding the joy became my mantra for that year.

This year I’ve been thinking about the fact that people take all kinds approaches to New Year’s Resolutions, from making a long list of detailed goals, to choosing one word, to shunning the practice altogether because it’s just a recipe for failure anyway. I know everyone has to find what works for them.

But here’s my insight as 2011 comes to a close:

How wonderful that the transition from the old year to a new one inspires many of us to think about our lives, to reflect on the past and acknowledge what we might want for the future.

However we end up — with a list of resolutions, or goals, or a single word — I think it’s the fact that we even think about our lives in this intentional way is the important thing. It’s the process that counts. It shows that we have a desire to improve ourselves somehow, or at least to be our best selves in the upcoming year.

And I love that about humanity! Regardless of where we are in life, most of us desire to do better — not materially, but just as people, we want to be the best we can. We want to put the effort in to living the best life possible. We don’t want to waste it. That says so much about us, doesn’t it?

So wherever you come down on this whole “New Year’s Resolutions” thing, I encourage you to embrace your own desire to be the best person you can be, whatever that means for you. Express it however you want, with goals or a single word or a rejection of the New Year’s traditional altogether. Just be you.

And I wish YOU the very best in 2012.

Tell us: How will you mark the transition to the New Year? Goals, resolutions, a single word? A party, an evening at home watching the festivities on TV? Will you stay up till midnight or turn in early?


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  2. actualtests says:

    Hopefully those affected clear those hurdles.

  3. Jenny says:

    For the past three years I have chosen {or rather God led me to} a word for the year. I began with “Trust” and last year was “Joy.” This year He led me to “Abide.” I will be posting soon on my word for 2012, but just looking up the definition was eye openig.

    I assumed “Abide” meant only that I was to abide with Christ. Little did I know it would encompass my changing relationship with a my teen age daughter, to carry on amidst the change a new baby will bring into our home in a couple of months, and to recognize not only do I abide with Christ, He abides with me. Wow!

  4. Mary Pat says:

    I want to stop saying, “I should really…” and just DO all the things I always say I wish I would.


  5. Kathy Rouser says:

    I appreciate what you said about how many resolutions boil
    down to wanting to feel better about ourselves. In that case,
    I resolve to look for more low calorie ways to consume chocolate.

    But seriously, I pray it will be a year of renewal for me–for a
    new attitude, a new confidence and a deeper trust in the Lord.

  6. Otin says:

    Since I never succeed at my New Years resolutions and the opposite result always seems to occur, I decided that this year I will…
    1). Try to become fat
    2). Strive to make less money.
    3). Take up unhealthy hobbies
    4). Never get published.

    Maybe this strategy will work for me! LOL

    Happy New Year!

    • Bret Draven says:

      Funny stuff! I have already mastered 1 & 4, and will keep you posted on my progress with 2 & 3!

  7. Pam W says:

    Personally, I’ve been analyzing why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t like to set un-realistic goals that will set me up for failure. However, I love the new season, and look forward to the good things that are ahead. A new year is a new time to reflect and anticipate. To grow, change, forgive, let go, and look forward to greater things ahead.

  8. Some people crave detailed, tiny steps. Others sink in them like sand. I say: As long as we’re turning pages, then we’re probably doing pretty good.

  9. Camille Eide says:

    I didn’t know Dick Clark was still alive. We’ll be looking for something on TV that recaps the highlights of the year since I missed it the first time due to writing a novel…

    Thanks for the word “intentional.” I, like Beth Vogt, am going with a single word this year: Abide. Jesus is the Vine and I am a (shriveled) branch. I need to be in His presence more, and more consistently. The lack shows in my attitude, my thoughts, and my work. I hope 2012 might just be my “year”, so I’d better get my focus in the right place. Abiding in Him won’t happen unless I am “intentional” with my daily efforts to sit at His feet, so that’s the plan.

    Happy New Year Rachelle, and to each of us loyal blog followers. 🙂

  10. haley says:

    this year, instead of resolutions, i made a list of things I’ve learned. http://haleymathiot.blogspot.com/2011/12/things-i-learned-in-2011.html <— right there.

  11. As usual, games party at friends, this year with sister from Mi. No resolution; just return to writing interrupted by life.

  12. Amber Argyle says:

    Get another book under contract.

  13. Sarah Thomas says:

    I normally shun resolutions, but have heard several folks talk about the one word resolution. I like that. So for 2012 my word is WORSHIP. I realized recently that all God wants from me is to worship Him. So in 2012 I’ll aim for everything I do to be an act of worship–writing, working, talking, dealing with family and so on.

  14. H. A. Titus says:

    My life was so hectic this past year that my mantra for 2012 has become “Organize!” There’s a lot I want to get done, and even though I’m not a natural scheduler, I know I have to. Even just for one year so I can catch up on life. 😉 (Yeah right!)
    As for ringing in the new year, we’re going over to a friend’s house for games and movies like The Princess Bride, Bringin’ Up Baby, and Emperor’s New Groove–perfect! 🙂

  15. I like that one word idea. I’ve read about it from several people who I look up to. So I am going to meditate on it today. I may have a phrase, but a word would be better.

    What is God’s will for me? Or what would Jesus do? I want to focus on these thoughts in 2012

    And in honor of the new year I hope to be snoozing. I am not a night person. 🙂

  16. What a wonderful post, Rachelle. I love the idea of a One Word. Hmmm, I think mine would be: DO. Honestly, I just need to “do” things that I tell myself I’ll do. Instead of thinking about it.

    I have a list of writing resolutions/goals so far. And I have the usual healthy goal, but I’m changing my approach. I’m going to make it be a change in lifestyle versus a chore of working out.

    I wish you the best in 2012. 🙂

  17. Bret Draven says:

    This year I decided to leave my resolution in the hands of fate. A few shakes of the magic 8-ball and my 2012 resolution was born: Suffer in silence.

    Basically, we all share the same complaints about getting published, only this year… I won’t be taking up space on the blog belly aching about it!

    I know, I’m a real giver!

  18. Peter DeHaan says:

    I forgo New Year’s resolutions for the simple reason that I shouldn’t wait until January first to make important changes in my life.

    I do, however, make goals – personal goals, business goals, financial goals, and writing goals (which in a way encompass the three other areas).

    Generally I keep my goals in my head, but this year I plan to write them down.

    On New Year’s Eve, I will be in bed long before the clock chimes 12 times, which will allow me to get up at the normal time so that I may write down my 2012 goals (which currently exist only in my mind.)

    Happy New Year!

  19. Last year, my word was VICTORY. I’m in awe of how God played that one out through 2011. I already received my word for this year, amazingly clear and fast: PEACE. I’m excited to see what God does in 2012 with that one.

    We’re fasting and praying again the first week of January at the SpirituallyUnequalMarriage.com site. I love this first week because God also gives me key Scriptures to pray for myself and my family for the year. That becomes my guiding compass and “goal” for the year. I love how He does that!

    Blessings and hugs, Rachelle! Looking forward to what 2012 brings to us both. 🙂

  20. Cyntha Ivers says:

    No resolutions – only aspirations – to be a better mother, friend and self-supporter.

  21. Janet says:

    A couple of years ago I stopped making resolutions in favor of setting goals, which, for me, has proven more productive. I feel like I have grown more as a person in the past couple of years than I did in the previous two decades!

    By reflecting on what kind of person I want to be, what I want to accomplish, and what I want to be doing during the coming year and formulating measureable goals that will propel me along that path, I open myself to leading a happier, more productive life.

    For 2012, I established some goals related to healthy lifestyle changes, a few self-improvement goala, and about a dozen writing goals.

    It may be mostly a matter of symantecs, but I think resolutions are too vague and general to be of great benefit. Goals, on the other hand, if properly structured, are specific, attainable, and measurable so they actively propel one toward the desired result. Bonus: What a feeling of accomplishment to look back over the past 12 months and realize how much I’ve accomplished! For 2011, I counted among them many “firsts.” Not too shoddy for a chick who turned 60!

  22. joylene says:

    Words to live by. Sad that so many don’t. I was speaking to someone yesterday who has made a commit to be nicer to herself in 2012. As if she thinks she must convince herself she’s worthy of special consideration. Have to begin somewhere, I guess. But if only those people stopped to realize that if every living person on earth felt good about themselves, we’d have no wars, no arguments, no hate and fear.

    Happy New Year, Rachelle.

  23. Happy says:

    this is a beautiful post! I totally agree–thanks for sharing~

  24. For the past several years, I’ve chosen a scripture and a corresponding word to focus on for the year. I then have that word engraved into a piece of Lisa Leonard jewelry (usually a bracelet). Last year’s word was “entrusted”… actually based on several scripture passages that admonish me to “tell” the story, live the Gospel.

    This year, I’ve chosen a phrase based on a piece I wrote a couple of months ago. I had a strong impression then and now that this is to be my focus. I’ll write about it on New Year’s Day.

    I’m with you… reflection is good practice, especially when it moves us to good doing.

    Blessings and peace to you as you make these final steps of 2011.


  25. Donna Pyle says:

    2012 will bring many changes – personally and professionally, so I have chosen the word PERSEVERANCE. With change comes joy, fear, frustration, and so many other emotions. Keeping perseverance at the forefront is already working wonders even before 12:01:00, January 1, 2012, rolls around!

  26. Beautiful post, Rachelle. Best wishes for 2012

  27. Patti Mallett says:

    Wonderful Pre-New Year post, Rachelle! Thanks.

    For the past few years, I have spent New Year’s Day journalling about what has been learned in the past year. Some years it fills many pages, some years only a few paragraphs.

    On Christmas Day evening, home from spending the day with my sister’s family, I sat beside the softly lit tree and recounted the things God had given me in 2011. After quite a few years of accepting things I gave up and over to Him, this year He showered me with blessing after blessing.

    My word for this year is: BELIEVE, based on Luke 1:45.

    This year I will “believe” more fully and actively (and consistently) the clear call of God to write.

    May your readers and you, Rachelle, have a year of being the best you can be!! (I love that way of looking at things, Rachelle!! Thank you for heading our eyes in that direction!)

    I will spend New Year’s eve with two friends. There will be snacks, perhaps Sherlock Holmes, laughter, serious conversation, and prayer.

    Wishing a Happy, Joyous, Inspired, Fully-Lived New Year to each one of you!!

  28. I’m taking Beth Vogt’s advice and going with one word for the year. I’d go to bed at 12:01 if I didn’t have to pick my daughter up at 1:00. Who am I kidding? I’m rolling over and sending DH to get her!

  29. I did the one word thing last year for the first time. My word was joy. I found a silver Christmas ornament that said joy and hung it in my kitchen window as a reminder. One thing I will say about choosing a word is choose carefully. “Joy” sounded like a great year was in store; I had chosen a “fun” word. Instead this was a year of choosing Joy in spite of some hard things that happened. I didn’t get joy-filled circumstances, I learned to seek joy. Which of course was the best lesson possible. This year my word is “delve.” As in go deeper– in my writing, my relationships and my outlook on life. I am excited to see how this word will manifest in these different aspects of my life this year. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it won’t be like I think!

  30. I interviewed my personal trainer for an upcoming article on New Year’s Resolutions and he said, “Goals are based on faith or fear. When our goals are fueled by faith, miracles happen.” To me, that statement ties into your idea of identifying the underlying emotional reason for the goal. It is so important to examine our motives…

    I shift between “external” resolutions and “internal” resolutions. Last year the goals were more external. I was focused on getting something done. In 2012 the resolutions will be more soul centered. The inner and outer work together, I think.

  31. Lisa says:

    I’m all about using the New Year to kick off a new focus on living intentionally, something I’ve been doing for a number of years.

    This year, I’m delighted to share my 5Ps of intentionally living with others through a year long series http://www.internetcafedevotions.com and with free downloadable resources at both moretobe.com and pnpcoaching.com.

    I’m all about getting perspective and discovering our passions and purposes with each passing year!

  32. Lisa Buske says:

    This past year I started to select one-word and a passage of Scripture for my year. I made a list of writing goals and a verbal, “I’ll be healthier at year’s end.”

    I found my one-word and Scripture verse to be a blessing throughout the year. It amazed me to see “my” verse show up in different places or hear “my” word used in both the Christian realm and the secular world. I believe both helped me stay more grounded and focused on Him and why I do what I do.

    My list of writing goals was completed with the exception of a publishing contract. Yet publishers have expressed interest so I conclude 2011 with feelings of success and anticipation for 2012.

    This year I plan to do the same with the exception of putting my health goals in writing and adding a monthly goal atop my calendar each month. A goal focused on serving others, not myself.

    Happy New Year!
    Lisa M. Buske

  33. David Todd says:

    I will be celebrating my birthday (it’s a big one) on New Years Eve with my wife, and possibly my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, most likely at my home. We don’t do anything special for New Year; just sit in our reading chairs and read or watch television.

  34. Lisa Jordan says:

    I love what you said about the intentional process of humanity.

    2012 will be my third year of choosing one word to cling to throughout the year. Namely, it translates into my approach to God. My word for 2011 was hope, and for 2012, it will be faith.

    We will take down our tree and decorations on New Year’s Eve so we can start 2012 fresh with everything packed away. Then we will ring in the new year with friends from church.

    Happy New Year!

  35. Hubby and I are lame. I don’t think we’ve stayed up until midnight for the past three years.

    However, I’m a big fan of reflecting over the past year. I like to give the previous year a word, or a theme, that summarizes the year for me. And then I like to try and predict what my one-word theme will be for the next year.

    Last year I predicted 2011 would be: anticipation

    Which has been pretty accurate.

    I predict that 2012’s theme will be: change

    A debut book release and an adoption. I’d say that’s change. 🙂

  36. This year i want to make it to lat least one writing conference and to join a physical writing group, preferably in Leeds.

    If i do this then i think it will help take my writing to the next level, which is basically what 2012 is about. To take things, both writing, work etc, to a new level!

    Viva le New Year 🙂

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

  37. Resolutions have always been a “about me” thing. What if we resolve this year to improve the lives of everyone around us, and not just the people we know.

    Smile more and laugh often is my motto. You’d be surprised how this simple thing can brighten someone’s day. When you push your grocery cart around that isle, flash someone a smile.

    Offer to help someone that needs it even if they don’t ask you.

    Take time out of your day and spend it watching a movie with your children.

    Tell your family you love them everyday.

    Get excited about the dreams and goals of others.

    Listen more and talk less.

    Happy New Year!


  38. Joe Pote says:

    I’m spending this week between Christmas and New Years, hanging out with family, doing a few honey-do’s, and improving my website.

    Plans for next year? I don’t know. This whole writing/publishing thing started last year, without any real planning at all. I think we’ll just see where it leads, and in the mean time I’m still enjoying blogging.

  39. The party will be at my church. We’re all suppose to bring a game. It’s my first New Year’s Eve party with my new church, so it should be enlightening and fun.

    Resolution: My goal is to make one deposit a day in someone’s life. Whether it is an encouraging email, Facebook note, snail mail card, telephone call, or face to face visit, I can’t lay my head on the pillow until I know I made some deposit in someone’s emotional bank account. Some days there will be opportunity for more, but I am not allowed to stack them.

    Writing resolution- Read more.

  40. My wife and I, as empty nesters for the first time this year, have decided to adopt a puppy. Pretty sure we’ll curl up, the three of us, and watch a good movie on New Year’s Eve.


    #1 In honor of our new “child,” I want to earnestly try to live the St. Francis of Assisi prayer.

    #2 Ditto on Richard Mabry’s #2 above.

    #3 Remember to write “2012” on all correspondence. I think I’ll shoot for June as a deadline.

    Wishing you and all of your followers a fantastic New Year!

  41. For the last couple of years I’ve been setting myself writing goals at the beginning of each new year. Unfortunately, it took a few times to set goals that were achievable, as I would begin the year all gungho and hopeful with lots of impressive writing goals, and by mid-year I’d find myself falling way behind on them and just not being able to achieve them.

    This year I set my Writing Goal post for 2011 (http://bookbanter.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/writing-goals-for-2011/) with this in mind and I can confidently say at the other end of it that I’ve hit just about every goal on the list for the year, other than GOAL 4, which I’m just seven pages shy of, and plan on hitting tomorrow during my writing group.

    And I’m totally looking forward to making up my new writing goals for 2012 and posting it next week!

  42. Jan Cline says:

    Last year as I prayed for guidance for the coming year the words I received were “listen” and “prepare”. I haven’t taken the time to evaluate the eventual significance from those words but I know it’s time to ask for a new word. I think most writers would love to resolve to write more, read more and learn more. It’s looking back that scares me….don’t want to see that I didn’t live up to my potential.

  43. I am resolved to live 2012 as tho I have been given only one year to live. This will be tough, because there will doubtless be reconciliations or closures to be made which I would rather put off. This will also be freedom and fun. I plan to write my New Year’s blog about my perspective of this resolve in the next two or three days.

  44. New Year’s Eve is my birthday so the whole idea of a new year is literal for me because I am turning a year older. I’ve tried resolutions before, but only few accomplished a few of them at a time. I aim for ten goals and usually 3 survive if I am lucky and are completed.

    I really like what you said about finding the joy. That’s so very true. Maybe this year, instead of making weak promises that I’ll loose ten pounds and find a perfect husband… maybe I’ll focus on finding the joy in the life that I have.

    Great insight!

  45. 1) Stay home and off the road–it’s amateur night among the drinkers.
    2) Look at every day as though it could be my last–one of them will be.
    3) Remain grateful to God for family, friends, readers, and the opportunities I’ve been given.
    4) I was going to procrastinate next year, but I think I’ll put it off until 2013.

  46. Rachelle,
    I love your perspective. For several years I haven’t made NYE resolutions, I make goals during my birthday month in the areas of health, spirit, and writing.

    The idea of using one word intrigues me and I’m thinking of one to use for this NYE. I’ll be enjoying the warm weather in Palm Springs.

  47. Looking back on past New Years, I feel I wasted far too much time on brooding and introspection. There was always a feeling of having failed to make the year extraordinary, with a dose of misguided elation that somehow–sans any real plan or discipline– This would finally be *The Year.*

    Last New Years, I had just moved back to America after a whirlwind year of blowing every dollar by backpacking throughout China and Southeast Asia. I had less than $40 to my name, no job, no car, and no where to live. Yet somehow, it was the most hopeful New Years I’d ever had… feeling like I was laid bare, tabula rasa, free to make anything from life.

    This year, I am working at a State Psychiatric Hospital, and will ring in the New Year surrounded by people who are on the brink of losing everything, or who already have. Hopefully, there will be no brooding, no more than just a tad of introspection, but lots of reflection and thankfulness.

    That being said… I also need to start going to the gym more often.

    Ha, Happy New Years Rachelle, I love reading this blog and appreciate that you are willing to hold our hands and walk us through everything.

  48. Susan Bourgeois says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to finish my book within the next six months.

    I have put the word out to my children: “Be aware I need time to myself to complete my book. I will lock the door to the computer room if necessary.”

    They are all adults who no longer live with us but it is amazing how they are able to “creep” into our lives on an almost daily basis.

    If I had to choose a mantra it would be: “Get it Done”. Nike has the best with “Just Do It.”

    If I were to choose one word; it would be “FOCUS”.

    Rachelle, thank you for your wonderful posts. You have been an inspiration to many and it is greatly appreciated.

    For the record, my husband and I have not stayed up to welcome in the New Year for the last decade or two. We are in our mid 50’s. We are fun, active but we no longer have the ability to stay up late.

    I hope everyone has a healthy and Happy New Year.

  49. CG Blake says:

    Thanks for your words of wisdom. It’s important for writers to take stock of where they are on their journey and a new year presents a great opportunity to do that. My own goals revolve around writing a novel a year and a series of professional development activities.

    I will be spending New Year’s Eve with friends–a low-key affair to ring in 2012.

    All the best to you and to my fellow writers for the new year.

  50. Joanne Kraft says:


    My discovery in 2011? I realized I enjoy the process more than the result. So, meditating, meandering, and moving my mind to think about goals and desires for 2012 is the best part of it all.

    Paul and I do something every year at this time. We create a 3-part goal list. We write down our personal goals, spiritual goals, and house goals (honey-do’s), for the new year.

    The process of setting apart time to regroup and focus is the best part for me.

    Happy 2012 my adorable agent-friend!

  51. Gina Holmes says:

    My goal every year is to get in shape. Kind of redundant but at least it keeps me trying. My step-mother started a tradition when we were children of making banana splits on New Year’s Eve. I still do that with the kids and they love it.

  52. New Year’s Eve, I always look back and reflect on how far I’ve come over the past year. That sets me up for considering the things that are important to me in the coming year on New Year’s Day. I completely agree, Rachelle, that the important thing is the reflection. Getting to know myself better permits me to make choices consistent with who I want to become instead of just reacting to circumstances.

  53. Keli Gwyn says:

    We’ll be celebrating the 21st birthday of our New Year’s “baby.” =)

    My immediate goal for 2012 is to do the best job possible as I process the edits on my debut novel. My intermediate goal is to find fun ways to promote my book, which comes out in July. My overarching goal is to exercise daily.

  54. Michelle Roberts says:

    I will be spending New Year’s Eve at a WHL hockey game and then ringing in the new year with family. 🙂

    My goal for 2012 is to finish my manuscript and start querying agents. It’ll be a lot of work, but I’ll get there somehow.

  55. Carol Moncado says:

    Still contemplating the word thing…

    I like goals v. resolutions. A goal in my mind, is specific and measurable. I did okay on my goals last year. Some of them were way too ambitious and I’m quite satisfied with the progress I made on those. Some of the others, I’m quite disappointed in. :/

    I’ll be making them again this year and posting them on my blog again later this week. This year I want to be better about posting on how I’m doing on my blog as well.

    But still pondering that one word…


  56. Beth K. Vogt says:

    I’m a word person — quite honestly because I flunked the whole “make a list of resolutions for the new year” thing too many times!
    Concentrating on one word for an entire year has brought me great joy — and life change!
    This year’s word: trust.

  57. Gayle Swift says:

    My goal is to create emotional truth in my writing and my relationships and to experience joy as I exercise the discipline that will assist me in accomplishing my intention.

  58. I love this post! My faith in humanity has been restored a bit. lol. My goal is to be satisfied with my life. That means more time working at the things I feel passionate about (aka, writing), more time with family, and more time with the writing community!

  59. marion says:

    I never make resolutions. An exercise in frustration.

    But I have more energy these days than I’ve had in a while, so I hope to get out more & have fun! Karaoke fa la la.

    I also hope to have my WIP agent-ready by the end of the year. But it’s ready when it’s ready, & not before.

  60. Jaime Wright says:

    New Years Eve will be spent with my 5 mo. pregnant self watching Ryan Seacrest/Dick Clark, I’m afraid. 🙂 Not sure where the rumor started that 2nd Trimester when infused with energy! 🙂

    As for goals? Resolutions? I’ve found that along with inspiring, it’s important to have goals that are achievable. I want to fine-tune my entries for the ACFW Genesis contest, finish draft #1 of my 4th manuscript, and thoroughly crit my partner’s WIP.

    I think they’re resolutions that can be completed in Q1 of 2012 – and it’s realistic to try, so here I go! 🙂 (I’m starting a week early 😉

  61. What a great point of view! I couldn’t agree more that reflection is the most useful part of new year goal-setting.

    I’ll mark the new year with a lot of goals. I enjoy setting them and checking them off through the year.

    Happy New Year!

  62. Anna Labno says:


    I have a few goals for the new year.
    1. to eat more healthy
    2. to exercise
    3. do fun stuff with my family
    4. build my blog http://alabno.wordpress.com
    I will be posting a post for new writers this week and sharing secrets of the Thomas Nelson publishing house the next
    5. Finish my draft by the end of April
    6. Attend the ACFW Conference in September
    7. Read lots of books about craft, for pleasure, and research
    8. Go on vacation with my family
    9. laugh more–worry less
    10. Start working on another project

    Above is the list of just a few things I thought of right now. 🙂

  63. Dirienzo, Diana says:

    Two Words : Completion and Submissions for my three novels “Escape” “Desire for Truth” and “Shake the Glitter” then Write and Revise and Write and Revise again, and again.

  64. I teamed up with two other authors to create Change Write Now, a friendly competition designed to help writers live a more healthy lifestyle! http://www.changewritenow.com

  65. Katharine says:

    I’m spending a lot of mental energy organizing my home life, my writing life, my kids’ lives and my emotional life. And I think I’m finally figuring out that it’s not about saying “from now on, I’m doing this,” it’s more about measurable small steps, small changes that make big differences. The big goal is that by the end of 2012, I say, “Wow! I’m a different person!” (I can say it at the end of this year!)

    And on NYE, my kids and I will go to downtown Boston for a parade and fireworks and home to ring in the New Year with snack foods, The Three Stooges and bed at 12:15. Happy New Year!

    • Sherrie says:

      Check out Robert Maurer’s “One Small Step Can Change Your Life.” He will tell you all the reasons that make huge changes DON’T work and making small steps that increase slowly does work. He also recommends small rewards, rather than big ones.
      You can also e-mail him on your thoughts when you finish the book.

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