Freelance Editors

Sometimes it’s necessary or desirable to work with a freelance editor to improve your writing skills or help make your manuscript more marketable. I’ve compiled a list of editors I know who are very good at what they do. There is a link to each individual website, so that you can see what services they offer and what they charge.

*Please note our agency is NOT connected financially or any other way with these editors. These are simply recommendations based on our knowledge of their previous work.

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(List updated 1/7/16)

Editors for Both Fiction and Non-Fiction

→ Chuck Sambuchino. Click here. Also edits query letters, synopses, and proposals.

→ The Novel Doctor. Click here. Also edits proposals.

→ Diane Higgins. Click here.


Editors for Fiction

→ Meredith Efken. Click here.

→ Kathleen Groom. Click here.

→ Jeff Gerke. Click here. Special expertise in speculative fiction.

→ Susanne Lakin. Click here.

→ Krista Stroever. Click here.


Editors for Non-Fiction

→ Lindsey O’Connor. Click here.

→ Kathleen Groom. Click here.

→  Margot Starbuck. Click here.

→  Traci Mullins. Click here. (Find her email address under “Additional Info.”)

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