Fun Things From Around the Web

Fun Things From Around the Web ...

Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited that the Olympics start today. I’ll be focused on gymnastics, diving, swimming, and track. What are your favorite Olympic sports? I was trying to come up with a scintillating and insightful way to use the Olympics as a metaphor for this writing/publishing journey. But frankly, I’m just too excited about the opening ceremonies today and can’t seem to come up with anything. So… why don’t YOU do it? Tell me… how is being a writer like training for an Olympic sport? How is getting published like going to the Olympics? Can’t wait to read your answers. Have good...

Authors, Are You Spamming? Stop It!

Authors, Are You Spamming? Stop It! There’s been a lot of talk around the Internet this past week stemming from Joel Friedlander’s post, “Yo, Author, You Spamming Me?? Cut it Out!” If you’re promoting a book, or if you’re ever going to promote a book, it’s worth a read. And here’s a funny video that makes the same point:     Is it tempting to spam people to try and sell your book? (And have you ever put flyers on people’s windshields?) Have a good weekend!

Quotes for Your Contemplation

Quotes for Your Contemplation E.O. Wilson, often referred to as one of today’s greatest living scientists, has a wonderful TED talk, Advice to Young Scientists, which is a taste of his forthcoming book, Letters to a Young Scientist. I love listening to smart people across many different disciplines sharing their wisdom! While this short (14-minute) piece is specifically science-related, it’s incredibly inspiring and can be applied across many aspects of life (as is the case with so many TED talks). I’m going to take these three quotes out of context so that you can ponder them through your own filters and apply them to your own life… and of course, respond in the comments! “Ideas emerge when a part of the real or imagined world is studied for its own sake.” “Observe from a distance, but...

Fun Things Around the Web This Week

Fun Things Around the Web This Week           This last one is my favorite. So true! Have a great weekend...

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