Poetry Contest Winners!

Thanks to the 100 people who contributed poems in Friday’s contest! They were all very entertaining and it was difficult to narrow it down. First, let’s start with some honorable mentions. In no particular order… Best Concise Overview of Publishing:Glynis No thank you, thank you no,We enjoyed the giggle,Now off you go. Best Brief Rejection Letter:Amber Skye The plot is pointless.And the writing is banal.Wish you success though! Best Overview of Last Week’s Blog Posts:Chelsea L Difficult Conversation Number Five Your prose shows loads of promise, but it needs an overhaul.Checking out your website, I suspect the text’s too small. Your characters impress me, but the structure’s off the mark.I’m not exactly sold, although I see a teeny spark. Your writing is...

Bad News Poetry Contest!

Bad News Poetry Contest! Whew, it’s been a grim week here on the blog, hasn’t it? All this talk about difficult conversations between authors and agents. I think it’s time to let you put your own spin on all of this. (And hopefully add some humor to the situation.) So I was thinking we should have a contest. How about you write a poem that captures one of this week’s difficult conversations…or any other icky bad news writers have to deal with. (Rejection letters, anyone?) I happen to like haiku. Limericks too. Of course you could write a sonnet if you prefer. Are you ready? Got your pencil sharpened? Let’s write some Bad News Poetry. Here’s the contest: → Write a poem having something to do with the hard parts of publishing.→ Submit your entry in the comments...

Announcing Winners

of The Forest For the Trees by Betsy Lerner THANKS for entering the drawing, and for all your great tidbits of writing advice! If your name is NOT listed below, here’s where you can buy the book:Buy on AmazonBuy on Barnes and Noble I used a random number generator on Random.org and from that, drew the following five winners: Cara: October 8, 8:31 pm Hilary: October 7, 10:52 am Helen: October 7, 6:05 am Scott: October 7, 6:53 am Lindsey Bell, October 7, 7:28 am Winners, please email me (email address on sidebar) with your contact information so I can send you the books! Thanks again for everyone’s participation. (c) 2010 Rachelle Gardner, Literary...

WINNERS: The One-Sentence Summary Contest

Wow! We had nearly 500 entries in last Wednesday’s contest. I’m thrilled, because this means 500 of you worked on creating a concise summary for your book, something most writers find difficult. But it can be done, right? I hope this served as a helpful exercise for you. Of course it was very difficult narrowing down the entries. Don’t feel bad if I didn’t choose yours. There were quite a few really effective ones in the mix, but I was only able to choose 1 out of every 100 entries, so the odds were high. Of course, choosing the winners was an exercise in subjectivity. But notice that the summaries I chose each present an interesting scenario and a clear conflict. Occasionally they break the “formula” but are still successful because of they way they...

Who Will Win the Contest?

Winners of the One-Sentence Summary Contest will be announced TOMORROW, Monday. On Tuesday, I’ll be discussing one-sentence summaries in further detail, and critiquing a handful of the entries. Be sure and let me know if you DON’T want your entry critiqued on the blog (just in case I choose yours).

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