How to Make the Most of a Conference

How to Make the Most of a Conference Guest Blogger: Dabney Hedegard (@dabneyland) I’m not a writer, per se. I’m a speaker who learned the craft of writing and secured a contract by her second writers’ conference. But intense work was involved; especially since I didn’t know how much longer I had to live. Let me explain. At age 36, my cardiologist predicated a heart transplant was in my future. Nothing ignited my inspiration like a failing organ. I put a hot pink sticky beside my bed that read: “If you had six months to live, what would you do with your life?” Documenting my four near-death experiences was always the answer. And since writing made my throat constrict, I thought if I pitched my story at a conference to a publisher during a one-on-one meeting, surely they would purchase my memoir and pair me with...

The One Thing Every Writer Needs

The One Thing Every Writer Needs Guest blogger: Billy Coffey (@BillyCoffey) I’d heard how it sometimes happens—quick and violent, like a spasm that spares the body and strikes the soul. I never really believed it was true. Couldn’t happen, not to me. It was just another myth, on par with writer’s block and the notion that persistence without talent will eventually lead to success. But then it did happen. Last Tuesday afternoon to be exact, though not in the way I’d heard. It wasn’t quick but it was violent, a wave that built with a sense of silent ease before crashing over me. I felt it in my body just as much as my soul: Writing no longer brought me joy. To admit that feels like a confession. Even a week later, I find I cannot not write those six words straight through. My pen stopped between “longer”...

Blurb Etiquette

Blurb Etiquette Guest Blogger: Mike Duran (@CerebralGrump ) One of the most uncomfortable realities of being a writer is asking for blurbs (a.k.a. endorsements). On the enjoyability meter, it ranks somewhere between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and having bamboo spikes driven under your toenails. Before my last novel The Telling released, I determined to aim high for endorsers. Nothing but “big names.” I contacted a dozen high-profile authors, most of whom I’d had personal contact with, about blurbing the book. When the publication deadline was reached, I had approximately… ZERO ENDORSEMENTS. Needless to say, the process was quite a let-down. For whatever reason, I am now in the weird position of having authors ask me for blurbs. Which kind of sucks. Don’t get me wrong, it is...

5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool Guest blogger: Erin MacPherson We’ve been talking about Pinterest as a marketing tool for authors (here and here) and today I want to get your creative juices flowing by telling you about some innovative approaches to Pinterest marketing. There are many more, so please share your ideas in the comments and we can turn this post into a great Pinterest resource for writers. Here are my favorite ideas: 1. Recruit a Guest Pinner I’ve used this strategy to great success for about six months now and it’s not only helped me to build my Pinterest boards up, but it’s also allowed me to have new, fresh content to share on my Facebook page each week. I love it. And it’s so easy! Invite another author/blogger/writer to pin on one of your existing boards (or a secret...

Legal and Effective Pinning on Pinterest

Legal and Effective Pinning on Pinterest Guest Blogger: Erin MacPherson Last week, I kicked off our “Pinterest for Marketing” series with a blog post on using Pinterest as a content marketing tool. This week, I want to spend some time talking about some of the nitty gritty details of effectively (and legally) using images on Pinterest, Pinterest is primarily an image sharing tool. If your pin doesn’t have a great image, it’s probably not going to be noticed. Which means the images you repin and upload can make a big impact on your marketing efforts. So, what types of images should you be pinning? And how do you find them or make them? And how can you make sure you don’t break any laws while you’re doing it? Let’s get the boring legal stuff out of the way first. There was quite a bit of...

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