Where’s My Agent?

Where’s My Agent? I’ve been taking a brief hiatus from writing this blog, but will resume regular posts shortly. Meanwhile, I’ve got a post up at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:   Don’t you love it when you send someone an email, only to receive the dreaded auto-reply saying they’re out of the office? It can be frustrating, but the reality is that travel is an important part of many jobs. And when it’s your agent who is “out of the office,” you can be glad they’re getting out from behind their desk to go into the world and nurture important relationships, make new acquaintances, advocate for their clients and give back to the writing community.   At Books & Such, we frequently discuss our travel schedules and carefully consider each possible trip. We...

A Typical Day for an Agent

A Typical Day for an Agent I’m blogging at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:   I enjoyed Wendy’s post yesterday about how agents spend their time. She did a great job of describing how agents work on their clients’ behalf, and I wanted to add my own two cents to further explain how we organize our days.   People frequently ask me about a typical day for an agent. I think most agents will tell you — there are no typical days!  With a large number of clients, working on a variety of projects, all in various stages of writing or publication, the days provide endlessly changing excitement.   While agents always have a long to-do list, our most important job is to be responsive to our clients’ needs, as Wendy explained. The email box is always full, and fires...

I Am Not a Gatekeeper

I Am Not a Gatekeeper People in and around this business have long used the word “gatekeeper” when referring to those in publishing tasked with choosing which books to publish or represent.   Since the rise of self-publishing, it has become a debate—often heated:   Down with the gatekeepers!   Hooray for the gatekeepers!   Some bemoan: The gatekeepers are trying to keep us out. They’re making it too hard for good writers to get published.   While others retort: Be thankful for gatekeepers—they protect us from all that evil bad writing out there!   Well… here’s a news flash for you:   There are no gatekeepers.   There is nobody in publishing whose job is to “keep you out.” It’s not anybody’s job to protect the...

Your Agent Should Be the Bad Guy

http://www.rachellegardner.com//HLIC/ac5d9bc4b62b897f7d1e7f898c0c0088.jpg I’m blogging over at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview: One of the primary advantages of having an agent is that you have an advocate who can handle all the negotiations with the publisher and navigate difficult territory, allowing you to maintain a positive working relationship with everyone at your publishing house. This positive relationship can have huge implications when it comes time for a publisher to decide whether they want to work with you again. It can also affect how you’re tr eated— whether it’s with respect, with kid gloves, or with dread. Most importantly, it can determine whether your publishing experience is mostly pleasant and rewarding… or not. When I say the agent can handle your negotiations, I don’t mean just the...

All the Publishing Information You Ever Wanted

http://www.rachellegardner.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/answers-150x150.jpg Many of you have been reading my blog for a while, but you might not be aware of how much information is available in my archives. Just as a refresher, I wanted to highlight some posts you might find helpful. Have you seen my DEFINITIVE post on How To Get Published? Do you need to know How to Find a Literary Agent? A great title is an important aspect of attracting an agent’s or editor’s attention. Here’s how to create a perfect title for your book. Did you know I have a list of qualified freelance editors on my website? By the way, all those pages can be accessed by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog that says “Popular Posts.” Do you need to know where to find tons of publishing information and discussion online? See my list of Writing & Publishing...

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