Good Point

Overheard in the Gardner household: Me: “Sweetie, I’m sorry you’re sad. Come here. I want to tell you something about life.” Daughter (pulling away): “I already know about life, mom—I’ve been living it for eleven years.” (Runs upstairs.) Have a good weekend! © 2011 Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent

Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing I’m taking the day off for some good old fashioned Rocky Mountain skiing. Ever notice how it’s sometimes so much work to have fun? Sheesh, just getting the gear together, including enough clothing to keep us warm in single-digit temps, can be enough to scare us off sometimes. Then there’s the 2-hour drive. The expensive lift tickets, not to mention the expensive food. The effort of strapping on those big, stiff boots. And did I mention the cold? I always have a couple of moments when I ask myself, is this really worth it? Ah, but then I’m on the lift experiencing the surreal quiet and beauty of a snow-covered forest… I’m watching my kids as they confidently navigate tougher and tougher runs, smiling all the way… I’m swooshing down the...

Submission Guidelines

Last Update January, 2012 Please address all queries to: representation [at] booksandsuch [dot] com → If you intend to query ME specifically, please indicate that in your subject line or the first part of your email. → When you send a query to the correct email address, you will get an automated response, usually within 3 to 4 days, saying we received your query. → I do NOT accept queries at my personal email address. Please use the one specified above. → I only accept queries by email, NO snail mail. → Read “What I’m Looking For” to see if I will consider your project. If we are interested in your project, we will be in contact within 30 days or sooner. If we do not think your project is something we can represent, we may or may not be in contact, depending on...

Another Peek into My Mailbox or, “Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere” Dear Rachelle, What is your advice for my 26-year old daughter who has not yet published her poetry? Signed, The Poet’s Mom *** Dear Mom, Here’s my advice for your daughter: Get immersed in the world of poetry publication. Subscribe to magazines like Poets & Writers. Buy the Poets Market. Get connected online with blogs, websites, forums and message boards for poets (there are hundreds). Read all the poetry books you can find. Write down who publishes them and check the acknowledgments page – you may find out the poet’s agent, if they have one. Be proactive. Learn, learn, learn. And separate the “artist self” from the “business self.” Publishing poetry is a business and needs to...

How I Became an Agent

Recently on the blog, Kelsey Sutton asked… I’d like to know why and how you began your career as an agent. Would you change any of your choices? Best and worst aspects of your job?Since many people express an interest in becoming an agent and ask me how to do it, I thought I’d explain my own journey. Most people work in publishing for years before they become an agent. A few people start off at a literary agency, working their way up from intern to assistant to junior agent, etc. But most start in some kind of publishing house capacity, working with authors and books either in editorial or marketing. In 2007, I was running a freelance editing and writing business, having been in publishing for more than a dozen years, and previously working at two publishing houses in...

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