17 Syllables

You remember pop quizzes in high school, right?

So today we’re having a pop contest.

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and some people celebrate with parades and green beer. Here on my blog, we’re going to celebrate by writing haiku.

Yep, you heard me. Haiku. You know, 3 lines:

5 syllables

7 syllables

5 syllables.

Here’s the contest:

→ Write a haiku either about the writing life, or about St. Paddy’s Day. Or about whatever you want.
→ Submit your entry in the comments to THIS post.
→ ONE entry per person. UNLESS you make me laugh!
→ Deadline is this SUNDAY, March 18th, 11:59pm ET.
→ Books & Such clients can enter but are not eligible for the prize.
→ I’ll announce finalists next week. Maybe we’ll put the final winner to a vote.
→ Winner gets a 30-minute consultation phone call with me (can include an evaluation of a query or up to five pages of your work). Or you can choose a $20 Amazon gift card.

Come on, all you closet poets. Show us your stuff!

  1. шуба says:

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very useful info particularly the final section 🙂 I take care of such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  2. Ellen Weeren says:

    Pick me, Pick Me, Pick
    Me, Oh please, Oh Please, Oh Please
    Pick me, won’t you please?

  3. Filling Irish hearts
    shamrocks shimmer with romance
    like fields of green ice

  4. Elizabeth Kitchens says:

    I’d like to enter
    But I can’t think of anything
    Poet I am not

  5. Carol Brill says:

    Free consult by You
    What wouldn’t a writer do
    Pray for Irish luck

  6. GREEN

    The color of my
    jealousy of the winner
    of today’s contest

  7. Crafty Mama says:

    I’m bad at poe-
    try. That’s why I write books. I
    have no sense of rhyth–


  8. Not about the writing life or St. Paddy’s Day:

    Crimson berries cling
    To a lonely winter tree—
    Blood beads on fingers.

  9. Gulnar Raheem Khan says:

    Haiku for the contest:

    High up in the air,
    Upon my own Pegasus!
    Forget how to land!

  10. Morgan Greene says:

    My bank is boundless
    My cars are never-ending
    But my home is empty

  11. Jerry Eckert says:

    To honor one of the Godmothers of literary nonfiction, who got away with it.

    Blood soaked cat paw prints
    on breast. So real yet just lies.
    Won Pulitzer too.

  12. belinda brock says:

    An emerald green

    River runs through the city ~

    Chicago, not Oz.

  13. Le'sleigh says:

    A bloomin Shamrock
    Undisguised is your beauty
    Bountiful blossoms

    Respectfully submittted,

  14. Leah Bailey says:

    Here is my entry!

    Leaning in his ear
    Whispered threats to his young son
    who stands small and alone

    and one more I wrote for fun (but it is not my entry)

    Gray clouds above sea
    Mirror cut and reflecting
    the storms within each

    Thanks Rachelle for having this contest. I’ve found I really like writing haiku’s because of it. I hope you have more writing contests!

    • Leah Bailey says:

      Sorry, I’m disqualified, I meant to put this:
      Leaning in his ear
      Whispered threats to his young son
      who stands small, alone

  15. Ah, the writer’s life.
    Type, backspace, think, FLASH, Yes! (Hours)
    “Honey! Come to bed!”

  16. Julie Greene says:

    I have a new job
    Teaching my teen son to drive
    Behold my eye twitch

  17. DIXIE L says:

    Wear the green I must,
    for wee pinches I get from
    some people I trust.

  18. Bobbi says:

    Shamrocks for luck and wishes
    green beer dreams
    words flow

  19. Astrid de Keulenaar says:

    Contemplating a 
    blade of grass, Ladybug dreams
    Dreams ever so green

  20. Gulnar Raheem K han says:


    High up in the air,
    Upon my own Pegasus!
    Forgot how to land!

  21. Unspeakable fear
    The courageous never flinch
    Freedom’s sake they give

  22. Beth Carter says:

    Blarney holiday.
    Hate beer, color green, and have
    shamrock allergy.

  23. A wise laddy buck
    wrote a note about green beer:
    It’s flat, but cold. Cheers!

  24. Beth Carter says:

    By Beth Carter

    Happy leprechaun.
    I’m feeling lucky today.
    Wait. Forgot my green.

  25. Oh, ye snakes, be gone!
    We need this space for dancing.
    Patrick saves the land.

  26. Jill Urbach says:

    Wily, chubby men
    slyly scheming to provoke:
    Leprechauns and Rush.

  27. Kenny Yao says:

    It is not funny.
    If you could not sleep.
    Thinking 5-7-5.

  28. Oliver Shiny says:

    Shakespeare’s goatee and
    Joey Ramone’s irony
    here met. Explosion.

  29. Tom Mac says:

    St Pats day oy vey
    Corn beef and cabbage today
    Jewish salted beef

  30. Dana McNeely says:

    Alarm clock rings five
    Black coffee, contemplation
    Wrench words to paper

  31. Amy says:

    How I Feel About My Current WIP

    My lifeline seeps out.
    Is that ink on the page, or
    My blood, sweat, and tears?

  32. Ellen Weeren says:

    Why do I have to
    Write a haiku to talk with
    you? Can’t I just call? 😎

  33. Anna says:

    Green tea and spring’s first
    cherry blossoms; St. Patrick’s
    day’s Irish no more.

  34. Katherine Lloyd says:

    voice vies pen syringe
    ink shoots marrow’s medicine
    paper skin pierce peace

  35. Kelly Combs says:

    Rachelle hosts contest.
    Writers line up for critique.
    I’ll take the gift card.*

    *Writer retains rights to get critique if Haiku actually wins.

  36. Breakfast means work is
    a step closer; if I don’t
    eat can I stay home?

  37. Colin says:

    Blank page; empty head,
    Ideas drift out of reach.
    Easily distrac…

    And just for fun:

    A man from Osaka named Patty,
    Wrote haikus the people thought batty.
    While he kept to the meter,
    He thought it much sweeter,
    To write them to honor St. Paddy.

    I hope you feel better, Rachelle. 🙂

  38. Nan Jones says:

    The cursor blinked fast,
    Speaking loudly in silence.
    Tell me something now.

  39. Peggy Dover says:


    cheers to St. Paddy
    voice of the Irish people
    God so loved Erin

  40. Jan Morrill says:

    A St. Pat’s haiku
    Leaves no room for purple prose
    Will settle for green.

  41. Spring breezes lure me
    Enticing creation, but
    Action evades me.

  42. Writing is about
    Rearranging words until
    A story is born

  43. Haikus are easy.
    Limericks are much harder.
    I’ll take a haiku.

  44. Leslie says:

    foam of waves on shore
    the shamrocks in rocky soil
    tis green and peaceful.

  45. On St. Patrick’s Day
    I’m writing and editing
    Such is writing life

  46. On St. Patrick’s Day
    I’m writing and editing
    Such is writer life

  47. Carole Anderson says:

    Busy writing thoughts.
    Dog sleeping upon my feet,
    farting quietly.

  48. Melissa Plantz says:

    O St. Paddy’s Day
    Green cupcakes fill my belly
    Bathroom time to write

  49. B.M.McClure says:

    Caffeine is heart’s blood
    Head plummets to desk surface
    Revisions not saved.

    Voices shout orders
    Word bullets enter pen barrel
    I am infantry

  50. His breath smelled of beer
    As he pressed his cheek to mine
    And whispered “baby.”

  51. Liz says:

    I fell for his charms
    hope they catch him soon. tiny
    cereal killer

  52. Donna says:

    Words hot from my breast,
    Last night the fire burned.
    Talent? Menopause!

  53. Bailish says:

    My second entry, so I guess it doesn’t count.

    I thought I could win
    Until I read the others
    Now I need more beer.

  54. Jeff Adams says:

    A wee leprechaun
    At the end of the rainbow
    Too small to notice.

  55. Thomas Kalfa says:

    To limit one’s theme
    To haiku form is so mean.
    It borders on obscene.

  56. Staci Eastin says:

    Second Draft Lament

    Weed out passive voice
    While participles dangle
    Unnoticed throughout

  57. Thomas Kalfa says:

    Explain St. Patrick?
    In haiku format no less?
    …Tis beyond me best.

  58. Marti Pieper says:

    My dragon, my muse
    Breathing flame-fueled ideas
    Sets dry thoughts ablaze.

  59. Jan says:

    A Saint and his snakes,
    Green beer, and some Shamrock Shakes:
    A holiday makes.

  60. Green epiphanies

    Ink fresh on spiral paper

    Type – Rewrite- The End.

  61. Cat Haiku: (Captures my cat’s attitude).

    I nudge your limp hand.
    Am I not magnificent?
    You may pet me now.

    Did you laugh? I might NEED a second chance.

  62. Jennifer Major says:

    Not Micheal Flatley,
    Wear a sports bra, dance anyway.
    Erin go bragh.YAH!

  63. Rachel says:

    Boldness will conquer

    Doubtfulness through written words

    Write transparently

  64. Gwen Stewart says:

    My students wear green
    Too much green makes me nauseous
    So they pinch me. Fun.

    Being an elementary teacher on St. Patty’s Day is not all it’s pinched up to be. 🙂

  65. Jenny Hill says:

    Haiku, what a pick,
    March steps forward: Limerick!
    Leprechaun’s wise trick.

  66. Susan says:

    Born on the Bayou
    Visions of crawfish and crabs
    Takes me home again…

  67. Cannot read labels
    No hint of local Irish
    In this Polish store.

    Bumper sticker says,
    “Poetry’s necessary.”
    This contest proves it.

  68. Selina J. H. says:

    Tis Ireland, so far away
    It’s Spring, St. Paddy’s Day, he speaks
    Tis gibberish

  69. Otin says:

    cabbage causes gas
    I will surely eat my fill
    sleep alone tonight

  70. Katy McKenna says:

    Father, Son, Holy
    Spirit, three in one; Shamrock
    teaches trinity.

  71. Bethany says:

    Need cash. Help the poor.
    Will work for a book contract.
    Consult could change life.

  72. Clever words will flow
    Just climb the castle’s stairway
    Kiss the Blarney Stone

  73. Maria says:

    Shamrocks glow brightly
    Round the edges of my web server
    Writing never stops.

  74. V.V. Denman says:

    Plot, draft, proof, revise.
    Polish, query, pitch, and pray.
    PUBLISH! (then repeat)

  75. Fly high soul-deep dreams.
    Wake not, break not. Persevere.
    Soar above my doubt.

    I guess mine is a little serious, as I look at the others here. But that’s just the mood I’m in today. Running towards my ‘soul-deep’ dream of becoming a writer isn’t always easy, as I’m sure many here can relate. Blessings all, Mollie Joy Rushmeyer

  76. He forgave slavers,
    He beheld the Trinity;
    The snakes were nothing.

  77. Zan Marie says:

    Bees hum in cherry blooms,
    warm, sunny yellow air call
    me from words today

  78. Zillah Williams says:

    My haiku is about the writing life.


    Zillah 🙂

  79. Annie says:

    Pour my soul on page,

    Praying to be accepted.

    Rejected again.

  80. Mary B Kaley says:

    Limericks parade
    stifled under muse’s gold
    gasping for rainbows


    –>Extra allowed for laughs?–>
    May the road rise high
    Lest you imbibe ‘til cockeyed
    and lose your insides

    Hilarity in haiku. Who would have thunk? A lot of fun reads. Great comedians a-plenty swarming to this contest, clutching their shamrock’d ale. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, all.

  81. Josh Hogg says:

    A Teetotaller
    Even english are irish
    Sunday morning pain

  82. Cabbage beams my head.
    St. Patty’s in New Orleans,
    Of course a parade.

  83. Kristin says:

    My friends are all tan
    Irish cannot play that game
    Wear sunscreen always

  84. Irish music plays

    Feet dance to the jigs and reels

    We finish breathless.

  85. Sarah Thomas says:

    Hmmm, afraid we might get a little, ah, earthy, if you invited us to write limericks?

    Pen, paper, keyboard.
    Dust motes swirl in a sunbeam.
    Writing is waiting.

  86. ginny martyn says:

    Allegory and
    Cantankerous character
    forges fine fiction

  87. David Todd says:

    robins dance, then mate
    as solstice shines through windows
    drawn out staff meeting

  88. Winter, join our mirth
    Melt the snow…reveal the green.
    It’s St. Paddy’s Day!

  89. John Lowell says:

    Roses are not red
    Violets not even blue
    Green is hard to rhyme

  90. Carol Fillmore says:

    muse visitation
    she dictates, I am the scribe
    words flow with grace

    • Carol Fillmore says:

      apparently I can’t count… the third line only has four syllables;) Let’s try this again!

      muse visitation
      she dictates, I am the scribe
      words flowing with grace

  91. Peter DeHaan says:

    My first — and possibly last — haiku:

    March seventeen green
    not a color I don, yet
    clover four doth seek

  92. Maria Tatham says:

    Made it to the end
    of a rainbow, he did, but –
    no gold just shamrocks.

  93. Alice DiNizo says:

    Over the waters
    They came here,frightened, hungry
    Knowing they’d find peace.

  94. Nancy Roman says:

    Short attention span.
    I think. I write. I escape.
    Spider Solitaire.

  95. Fantastic contest
    Waiting for inspiration
    But I got nothin’


  96. Marielena says:

    While all of us busy counting our fingers and toes for correct syllables for this haiku contest, forgive a shameless plug in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day on the “soul of the Irish.”

  97. JP Brown says:

    St. Patrick’s Haiku

    Lucky chap sprouts Kiss
    Timing like a nesting bird
    Rainbow’d Blessings fly

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  98. Ashen (Pia) says:

    green isle from the sky
    sees itself as four-leaved shape
    on St Patrick’s day

  99. Kay Kauffman says:

    Emerald blades glisten
    In the Martian mist as bright
    Sunshine warms the earth.

  100. A Haiku Poem

    At academic
    Coaching this week at Salem,
    I had the pleasure

    Of helping students
    Maximize their writing skills
    In preparation

    For the Private Schools
    Interscholastic Contest
    In Ready Writing.

    Throughout the course of
    Instruction, honing their skills,
    Using examples

    Of various styles,
    I have advised the students
    To never neglect

    To keep the main thing
    The main thing, remembering
    To reveal their point,

    Expressing it well.
    What is it they have to say
    That someone would want

    To take time to read?
    Is it worth being written?
    Is there real value?

    Get the point across
    By the use of resources
    And illustrations.

    A topic sentence
    Conveys your main idea.
    The next sentences

    Support your topic.
    Re-emphasize your topic
    In the last sentence.

    Be careful about
    Neatness, spelling, grammar, and
    Punctuation marks.

    Organize writing,
    Conform to standard usage;
    Provide interest.

    Capture the reader’s
    Interest in the first line;
    Grab their attention.

    Use verbs, adjectives,
    And words that create pictures
    In the reader’s mind.

    Revise your writing;
    Edit for sentence structure,
    Consistent verb tense,

    Spelling, word usage,
    And subject/verb agreement.
    Read your work aloud.

    Is there excitement
    In the words you have chosen?
    I am proud of you.

  101. Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming says:

    It’s hard to go green
    When leprechauns pot the gold
    Lettuce beckons red

  102. Haiku for Patrick?
    Why not write a limerick?
    Ireland and Japan.

  103. Deborah Willis says:

    Magical Irish
    Charming Little Green Four Leafed
    Clover Covered Man

  104. Paula says:

    Saint Pat what a guy,
    Enslaved, escaped, set free, then what?
    Went back to share Christ.

  105. Leah Morgan says:

    It descends to earth
    And so do I with it rise
    Like rain and new birth

  106. srjohannes says:

    writing for passion

    The path before me is long

    Trust God in the end

  107. A seed in my hand
    Buried in a pit so dark
    Waiting for the spring

  108. Marielena says:

    My first editor
    Said write it tight like haiku.
    Less is always more.

  109. Patti Mallett says:

    My main character
    won’t listen to me at all;
    he will pay for that

  110. Jane says:

    These two hundred words
    can’t really capture the whole
    novel. But I tried.

  111. Becky Norman says:

    Words spill like laughter
    heady mix from Patrick’s cup
    on my green paper.

  112. Gina MacIntyre says:

    A Wr

    Beer, idea, beer,
    idea. Write it down or
    google IKEA????

  113. Lanny says:

    Don’t we yearn to embrace it?
    Living through Writing.

  114. Half hour to speak
    With an agent I admire
    Would make me happy

  115. Where once there were snakes
    Paddy came to offer prayer
    the serpents depart

  116. Rachelle,

    Thank you for the contest and the challenge. And what an incredible first prize! Obviously I hope I win, but regardless, working on the haiku and reading the poetry submitted by others is a prize in itself.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


  117. Shadow mists arise!
    Entwine my soul with visions
    Dreamt upon a harp.

  118. rachelle’s wishes
    seventeen breaths of writing
    craving chocolate

  119. Christ before me, Christ
    Behind me, Christ in my pen,
    My keyboard, my heart.

    (based on the Breastplate Prayer of St. Patrick)

  120. Douglas Thompson says:

    All those above are magically delicious!

    Dublin waits no more
    St Patrick brought as a slave
    Our mission remains

  121. Michelle Lim says:

    Blech, Green Eggs and Ham.
    Irish must be Sam-I-Am.
    Suessville Celebrates.

  122. Bret Draven says:

    Poetry is lame
    I am not even kidding
    You know what I mean

  123. tara tyler says:

    wow! look at all the haiku!

    Starting to query
    Fingers crossed. Sure could use the
    Luck o’ the Irish!

    have a lucky charms weekend!

  124. “A Writer’s St. Patty’s Day Haiku”

    I should be writing
    But now beer’s more exciting
    Hence — still moonlighting…

    • Behind the scenes: I know Haiku doesn’t traditionally rhyme, but I figured I’d infuse it with some Irish spirit and make it sound more like a limerick.

      Some great entries so far!

  125. Cheryl says:

    We believe in ghosts

    They believe in leprechauns

    Bring on the gold coins


  126. felt bold and beery
    formatted manuscript, but
    passed out mid-query

  127. Turney says:

    Not The Hunger Games
    Or a Twilight trilogy
    A memoir you’ll see

  128. snow melting early
    exposing once hidden green
    words Spring back to life

  129. Laurel McDonald says:

    Green Emerald Muse
    On St Paddy’s Day I wait
    For Inspiration

  130. words whisper on page
    purple prose drizzles softly
    drops of silver dew

    Seriously! A half-hour consult with you or a 20 dollar Amazon gift card? I love me some Amazon, but….

  131. Deborah says:

    Subtle words caress
    A haunting Irish ballad
    Regret of love lost.

  132. HollyD says:

    My word counts running low
    Too much green beer I did swallow
    Next year I’ll stay home

  133. Tamara says:

    Told the leprechaun,
    ‘All that glitters is not gold.’
    I’m green with envy.

  134. Need inspiration.
    A pot of gold, a rainbow,
    God is in control!

  135. jack Stecher says:

    if not for the Irish
    who would make the green beer flow
    or Leprechaun sing

  136. Amy Keeley says:

    Nice contest, Rachelle. I love reading the entries. Here’s mine.

    Leprechaun rainbow
    Led me to this island,
    Not your memory.

  137. Cathartic flowing

    Long held tears drain through my pen

    Emptying my cup

    And the unentered Haiku for a laugh:

    Querying agent

    Hoping she’s drunk on green beer

    That is my best shot

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  138. lucky day pinches
    writing, wishing, pot of gold
    leprechaun envy

  139. Linden says:

    Stolen moments while
    My students collaborate
    Inspiration flows

  140. Something to make you laugh (I hope):

    Ah-ah-ah haiku
    Sounds quick, sudden like a sneeze
    Not easy to write

    Something else:

    Characters don’t sleep
    They don’t want us to either
    We who bring them life

  141. Casey says:

    LOL! I’m not even going to attempt for fear I’ll give myself an ulcer. I am soooo terrible at poetry…especially this poetry. Some of these comments are a total hoot though! You’re going to have fun with this one Rachelle. 🙂

  142. Kristy K says:

    Writer’s block plagues me
    The house and kids are messy
    The words just won’t come

    That was fun! 🙂

  143. Amy Ritscher says:

    Am I not Irish?
    Leprechauns, Green Beer beckon
    Yes! Erin Go Brach!

  144. A haiku pitch for my YA novel…

    Rachel is on fire
    True love always burns freedom
    Virgins come undone

  145. “About the Writing Life”
    –a haiku–

    Big brown stinking cow.
    Pork butt. Witchy broom. Buick.
    Specific drippings.

  146. Noveldoctor says:

    words for a blank page
    buzzing around me like bees
    i dare them to sting

  147. Stories in my head
    Drip out word by word by word
    From my fingertips.

  148. Cindy Regnier says:

    Rachelle is so cool
    Query her don’t be a fool
    Stories make her drool

  149. Else says:

    An agent wants haiku for Erin
    But at my blank screen I’m a-starin’
    A haiku? Oh man!
    I don’t think I can!
    So a limerick I’ll write for Japan.

  150. Gayle Swift says:

    Corned beef and cabbage
    Pints of Guiness, dark, foaming
    Taste of Irish luck

  151. Kelly Marino says:

    Blending two cultures-
    What an impossible task!
    Rachelle, you rascal!

  152. Donna Sisler says:

    Middle of the night,
    Awake and mind a-swirling.
    No more sleep for me!

  153. In the wind I hear

    My ancestors melody

    Fiddle, stout, and tears

  154. Darci Cole says:

    Stories in my head;
    Desperate for the light of day.
    And so, I write on.


  155. Daphne Delay says:

    To make you laugh
    Name a fake stone in Ireland
    It’s called a sham rock

  156. Here I poise at keys
    Moniter blinking at me
    Profundity … gone!

  157. Patricia Patteson says:

    Ireland’s freedom call
    Martyr saint scholar fighter
    Found leprechaun’s gold

  158. Angela Brown says:

    This is sort of neat. Thanks for this cute contest. Here’s my go at it:

    Pitchers of green beer,
    Green highlights in hair gone wrong,
    Good times had by all.

  159. Lori says:

    Jones is no Idol
    Maybe he should try The Voice
    What’s next week’s story?

  160. People come alive
    Voices stir inside of me
    Write! Fast as you can!

  161. Marty says:

    An Irish limerick,
    wrapped in Japanese haiku –
    makes a “Shamrock Shake”

  162. Colin says:

    Over hills, through streams,
    Patrick walked, its Saint became.
    Em’rald Isle; Land of dreams.

    • Colin says:

      Error – Isle should not be included. C

      Over hills, through streams,
      Patrick walked, its Saint became.
      Em’rald Land of dreams.

  163. Dawn says:

    Voices in my mind,

    Am I crazy do you think?

    Amongst writers no.

  164. Sherrinda says:

    This is awesome fun and there are some hilarious poets here!

    Writing is so fun
    ‘Til rejection knocks you down
    Wait…writing’s still fun

  165. Billy Flynn says:

    St Patty Rachelle?
    You must have meant St Paddy
    Greetings from Ireland

  166. Someone dammed the stream.
    Words jam deep. Logs stack in brain,
    can’t flow past fingers.

  167. Stephanie M. says:

    This is just to say
    I have entered your contest
    So sweet and so short.

  168. Robin Dixon says:

    Trifoliate green
    St. Patrick’s legendary
    Trinity clover

  169. Glenn Muller says:

    A few drops will do
    Look how the foam has turned green
    And so has my tongue

  170. Daily I write words,
    Waiting for inspiration.
    Where will it all lead?

  171. sinabhfuil says:

    Young Patrick, enslaved,
    Came home to help his captors
    Hearing their crying.

  172. Agents can be mean
    when they make me think in green
    before my first cup

  173. sinabhfuil says:

    “St Patty’s Day”. Ick!
    What an abomination:
    St Patrick’s Day, please.

  174. Amy says:

    Sunshine paints the sky
    Shades of pink, orange, and purple
    Reminds me to write

    Another day of
    Living the way of artists
    Thank you, Ms. Cameron.

  175. We will wear the green.

    Then we will dance in the square.

    The pipes, the pipes call.

  176. An Irish drinkfest
    Exalted in Asian verse
    such sweet irony.

  177. terri says:

    Pencil and paper
    Thoughts and words dancing, flowing
    Scribbled on my heart.

  178. Katharine says:

    Hunting leprechauns?
    Luck favors the prepared, so
    Make noise like Guinness

  179. A pitch, a hit – score!
    Player. Author. Fans want more.
    Leave out God, be poor.

  180. Davey says:

    Don’t speak Japanese
    Don’t have a clue about haiku
    Don’t read rules. Bummer… dude

  181. DiscoveredJoys says:

    Blossom falls gently
    The gasp of inspiration
    In the flow, no time

  182. Kelly Marino says:

    Spilled beer on keyboard
    Looking for a green agent
    Found a leprechaun

  183. Brenda H says:

    Little leprechaun
    Searching for a pot of gold
    plays the lottery.

  184. Lisa Buske says:

    Out of the closet
    Writing I truly enjoy
    Now speaking I do


    Tiny little man
    Run as fast as you can sir
    No gold, contract please

  185. Otin says:

    Hours at the keyboard
    Brain hurts and butt does itch
    Time to wash my hand

  186. Sharon Srock says:

    I wake from my sleep
    Invisible voices speak
    I pound my keyboard

  187. John Sauvé-Rodd (London UK) says:

    Resuming my tale

    My characters wait for life.

    ‘We missed you!’ they cry.

  188. Jackie Ley says:

    Pat is no patron
    Jude is more appropriate
    ‘Cases despaired of’!

  189. Title: Dear Unpublished Writer

    Being green with envy
    You get a pinch for delusion
    Create your own luck

  190. Daniel Wheeler says:

    Ah saint pattys day
    A Green patty melt for me
    Big Green methane plume

  191. Erika Harris says:

    William Butler Yeats
    wrote about the leprechaun
    and other stuff, too.

  192. Camille Eide says:

    This is so not fair!
    Clients are disqualified?
    Where’s the fun in that?


  193. Jenny says:

    Lie. Lay. Laid. Lied. Lain.
    Don’t throw grammar notes away.
    They could save your life.

  194. Potato famine
    The economic collapse
    Keep your Irish luck.

    I wrote half a book
    My agent says that won’t do
    Blog, Speak, and tweet too

    One hundred forty
    Hey, these verses make a tweet!
    Smart agent tricks me.

  195. A costly purchase
    Eighty thousand sweat-born words
    I need more coffee

    Here’s a fun tip for people working on their hooks and pitches: try to express your synopsis in a haiku. It’s a great exercise for boiling down the essence of your story. This is what I came up with for my Hong Kong travel memoir:

    Girl follows a boy
    Work sends boy to London town
    Girl. Asia. Alone.

  196. Zita Consani says:

    Insomnia stirs –
    pinpoints of inspiration
    pricking brain alive

  197. K.L. Parry says:

    Shades drawn against night
    Fingers ready at the keys
    Creation begins

  198. Paul says:

    Writing a haiku
    Or drinking a beer or two –
    Hardly a contest.

  199. Sra says:

    You want me to what?
    Write a Haiku? You’re kidding.
    So not happening.

  200. Ten thousand words for
    Just five thousand worth reading.
    I need more white out!

  201. John Buss says:

    Cabbage and green beer,
    A deadly combination,
    Shows who are true friends.

  202. The voices are gone
    Fingers hover over keys
    Must grab a green beer

  203. I had to hide you
    Your posts were just so vapid
    Try to find meaning

  204. Bailish says:

    Tea stains on my shirt
    The backspace key is broken
    I can’t stop writing

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