11 Questions for Crafting a Pitch

baseball pitcherI’m blogging at Books & Such today. Here’s a preview:

As a writer, you’re always going to find it necessary to “sell your stuff.” To do that, you need to create those all important sales materials for your book: The one-sentence summary. The query. The pitch paragraph. The elevator pitch. The proposal.

I want to focus on fiction here today (since our blog survey revealed 78% of you are writing fiction!) So, how do you create those sales materials for a novel? The main elements of a fiction pitch are:

The main character
Their choice, conflict, or goal
What’s at stake (may be implied)

But it’s still hard figuring out exactly the right way to pitch. You have to simplify your story and pitch a single plot thread and as few characters as possible. You have to be precise, and use specific (not vague) language. And you have to make it interesting, which means you need to find the most unique and special aspect of your story and make sure it’s covered in the pitch.

So I’ve come up with a set of 11 questions that I recommend novelists work through before even starting to craft a pitch or summary. If you think about the answers to these questions, and write them down, you’ll be more equipped to find the right elements of your story to include in the pitch.

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  • Udai

    Hi Rachelle,
    Your posts are informative and inspirational to aspiring authors. I truly appreciate your intent and your efforts.


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  • http://www.frivrelax.com lindanne

    This article is absolutely amazing! Lots of great information and inspiration friv

  • Ann Hill

    I appreciate the tips. My question: How does one fit all of that into a one page query?

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