Query Boot Camp


Query Letter Boot Camp

with Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner

*Query critique included*

Thursday, July 20, 2017

5pm eastern (90 minutes)

Do you know how to grab an agent or editor’s attention?

Learn how to create a winning query letter and take that first step toward publication. You’ll get specific instruction on the three important parts of the query; how to write a compelling pitch for your book; and what to avoid.

The query letter is your chance to make a first impression. Agents and editors receive numerous queries, so they need to read through them quickly to find the ones they like. A well-crafted query is the difference between receiving a manuscript request—and never getting a response at all.

In this workshop we’ll discuss:

  • How to create a compelling opening for your query.
  • Fool-proof formulas for writing a great pitch for your book.
  • The right way to craft an author bio.
  • When to include your platform and credentials.
  • Query-killers to avoid.
  • How to identify the right agents and publishers to query.
  • How to strategize and track your submissions.

There is no sales pitch in this webinar (as there are in many of them). There will be 90-minutes of in-depth learning including enough Q&A time to get all your questions answered. Limited to 100 people!

Special Bonus Critique!

Each webinar participant will submit a query letter  at least one week prior to the webinar. Every query will be read, and each will receive a brief response. A few queries will be chosen for discussion with the group during the webinar.







Deadline to register:

Wednesday, July 19


How to register:

CLICK HERE and fill out the registration form with your name and email address.

ONCE I RECEIVE YOUR SIGN-UP, you’ll receive an invoice from PayPal. You’ll be signed up for the webinar once the invoice is paid, with instructions on how to submit you query.






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How to get published

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Avoid this Platform-Building Mistake

Guest Blogger: Ed Cyzewski   New authors routinely hear that they should build their marketing platforms by publishing articles in print magazines. There’s one problem with this advice: it rarely helps authors actually sell books.   There are exceptions to this, and I’ll get to them. But I’ve spoken to publicists and authors, and examined […]

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How to Talk with Publishers and Agents

Rachelle Gardner

As a literary agent, I love attending conferences and meeting authors. My career is about helping writers share their words with the world, and at conferences I get to sit down with them and spend a few minutes getting to know what they’re passionate about. There’s nothing more rewarding. When I meet with you, my goal […]

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